Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What should We Note during the Operation of Gyratory Screen

Gyratory screen is similar to rotex screener, it is designed with gyratory motion which can obvious improves the distribution of the material. Applicable material includes urea, potash, fertilizer, activated carbon, pellet, ceramic powder, sugar, salt, starch and fireproofing material etc. Here PK Machinery will introduce necessary notes before starting up the screen.
 1. Check the fastened part, safe protection device and lubrication before start-up.
2. Test run without load first for about 3-5mins to see if the rotation direction meets the requirement.
3. Feeding material with normal operation once non-load test run is normal,
4. Check the material discharging condition during running, if any blockage is found, please solve it timely.
5. Check the material distribution on screen mesh is uniform or not, if necessary, stop machine and adjust.
6. If there is abnormal noise or vibration that you have to stop the gyratory screen, please stop machine at once, only when the trouble is eliminated, then you can start up.
7. If gyratory screen is operated in a production line together with other equipment, please start up downstream equipment, then start up the upstream equipment.

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