Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Prevent The Trommel Screen Mesh Blockage

During the operation process of the trommel screen,it is easy to cause the screen mesh blockage due to the different problems. It's worth mentioning that our engineer can solve the issue in time whenever our customers feedback this problem.And then,what advice our engineer give to prevent the trommel screen mesh blockage?
First,adding the automatic cleaning brush at the top of the screen trommel,so that trommel screen can automatic cleaning during operation. 
Second,due to the original material is sand,slightly moist,the trommel screen should equipped with air compressors,thus using air power to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Third,attempts to prevent the device through the high frequency vibratory force small hit, and with flexible screen surface that can efficiently clean up the blockage, qualified materials ensure smooth through the sieve, sieve in a wet state clean, sieve through rate, in order to achieve high efficiency , energy saving and environmental protection.
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Trommel Screen

Saturday, November 28, 2015

So What is the Right Way to Operate the Linear Vibrating Screen?

What should we notice when use linear vibrating screen for the first time?Maybe you should be pay attention to  the following six points.
1.Check if there is bolt looseness of the linear vibrating screen.
2.Remove four fixed plates of all the springs on the linear vibrating screen in order to protect the machine from scratch during transportation process.
3.Read the manual carefully and check the components before testing the linear vibrating screen.
4.Since vibration motor works continuously, it needs to be filled with oil regularly .
5.Check if there is screen mesh damage when the machine stops working.
6.As some users may choose wood net rack, please also check if there is screen frame damage. Compared with steel net rack, the wood net rack is easy to replace screen mesh,however, the life span is much shorter. 
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Installation and Commissioning of YA Circular Vibrating Screen

1.Before installation,please refer to the installation drawing of concrete foundation, embedded anchor bolts or embedded steel plate ,the flatness error should be less than 3mm.
2.After the completion of installation, please check and adjust the levels of spring to make sure supporting position is under uniform stress. The motor axis should be 3-5mm lower than the axis of the vibrator, the height of support spring symmetric point should be equal (error ≤ 3 mm).
3. Each part of the vibrating screen should be firmly connected, all bolts should be tightened before start running.
4. Adjust the eccentric vibrator angle which can realize the adjustment of the excitation force, so as to adjust the amplitude of vibrating screen.
5. The distance between the vibrating screen and other obstacles should be less than 100mm.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Mainly Tips for YA Circular Vibrating Screen

1.Before operating:Inspect the YA circular vibrating screen whether all fastening bolts are loose or not

2.During non-load running:Make sure that screen body keeps smooth and the temperature of vibrator bearing is no more than 75℃

3.After non-load running:Ensure tighten all bolts again

4.After running normal:Better to inspect fixture condition of the bolts regularly

5.During put into use:Inspect wearing parts frequently and change the worn or inelastic damping springs in time. The adjustment, application and maintenance of vibration source should refer to vibration source specification

6.Before stopping running:Stop feeding materials and ensured all the materials are discharged

YA Circular Vibrating Screen

Monday, November 23, 2015

Inclined Soda Ash Scraper Conveyor for Pakistan

MC Scraper Conveyor is a kind of transporting equipment which can continously transport bulk materials by means of moving chains in closed rectangular casing.Here PK Machinery would like to show you the high efficiency products.Hope the following video will help you.Thanks for watching.

Scraper chain conveyor consists of drive unit, rectangular casing, inlet, outlet, tension device, scrapers, chains, etc.It can transports materials either vertically or on a steep inclination. The installation angle can divides into five optional angles: 90°, 75°, 60°, 45°and 30°.

En masse conveyor is widely used in coal, grain, cement, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, etc.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Will Vibrating Screen Coupling Play an Important Role

Will Vibrating Screen Coupling Play an Important Role

How much do you know the coupling in mining industry?It is a universally mechanical transmission component which connect the two shafts together.The two shafts can not be separated along the rotation axis and passing a member torque when the machine running. Only after the machine stop and open connection, two axes can be separated. Couplings are already standard parts, you can select the appropriate coupling in accordance with national standards and requirements for use when using.


Since the manufacture and installation errors, deformation after impact bearer and temperature changes, the coupling of the two coupling shaft there is some degree of relative displacement. Therefore, the coupling between the gear unit and the clutch selection cross coupling. Oldham coupling is opened by the end faces of the coupling halves and a groove on both sides of the intermediate plate with protruding teeth formed. Because the convex teeth can slide in the groove, it is possible to compensate for the installation and during the operation of the relative displacement between the two shafts. This coupling parts and materials are available 45 steel work surface heat treated to improve its hardness; can also be used when less demanding Q275 steel, heat treated. 


When put into use,it is better to add lubrication grease from the middle of the hole to reduce friction and wear.Because the half-coupling and intermediate plate composed of mobile vice, not relative rotation, so the drive shaft and the angular velocity of the driven shaft should be equal. But working in relative displacement between the two shafts case, the intermediate plate will have a great centrifugal force, thereby increasing the dynamic load and wear. So users should pay attention to its operating speed is not greater than the predetermined value.
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Much Do You Know the Vibrating Screen Bouncing Ball?

As we all known,bouncing ball is an important part of the rotary vibrating screen.Bouncing ball has a widely used in different aspects.Today we will importantly introduce you the bouncing ball which is used in the industry.
Bouncing ball, good elasticity, wear-resisting, is one of indispensable spare parts in the vibration equipment.It is installed in the vibrating screen in the middle of the perforated plate and the steel grids, by cycling beat subnet work (network) on adhesion of materials, to increase the rate of material through the net and screening production.

screen mesh manufacture

According to the different material properties, bouncing ball can be divided into the following kinds:
1.Natural rubber bouncing ball: suitable for general material screening;
2.Silicone elastic ball: it has the advantages of good elasticity, mainly used in food, medicine and so on material screening;
3.Ptfe rebound: it has the advantage that can be soaked in oil, mainly is suitable for the screening of oily liquid.
In addition,because the bouncing ball has different function, so according to the different needs of customers, manufacturers need to choose different bouncing ball.

vibrating screen
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Advanced Technique Improvement of Gyratory Screen Mesh

In order to meet the requirement of our New Zealand clients who ordered 4 sets of gyratory screen with 2 layers, our screen mesh technique gets a further improvement.
This screen is used for sieving glass, the screen mesh design is different from previous design due to the special characteristics of material, the sealing performance of screen mesh is further improved.
Air hole buckles are embedded at the edge of screen mesh which can also achieve the fixation function to prolong the life span of gyratory screen mesh.
A support mesh is added under the fine screen mesh, it can not only increase the elasticity of screen mesh, but also play a role which can prevent material from piercing through the screen mesh.
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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Application of Gyratory Screen used in the Feed Industry

The Application of Gyratory Screen used in the Feed Industry

Gyratory screen has the advantages of simple structure,large capacity,easy maintenance and low noise.As the new efficient swing type linear screening equipment, gyratory screen can be widely used to different industries. Here PK Machinery would like to introduce you the gyratory screen which used in the feed industry.

gyratory screen
Current feed production, most manufacturers need to pellets and powder materials or intermediate products for secondary screening after crushing and grading, quality and yield of finished feed by good or bad performance grading, cleaning equipment directly affected.Physical movement plane of gyratory screen effectively meet the screening requirements of the feed industry materials.It has the features of high screening efficient,high
precision and  large capacity,good sealing effect and good screen mesh self-cleaning effect etc..

gyratory screen
In addition to feed screening, gyratory screen can also screen the material,such as chemical fertilizer, resins, melamine, soda ash, etc., there are food starch, salt, sugar, milk powder and the like; metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, magnetic materials. If you want to learn more about the gyratory screen knowledge.Please click the following

gyratory screen

Friday, November 13, 2015

What Screen is Used in the Feed Industry--the Gyratory Screen

At present, most feed manufacturers need to sieve and grade the powder material ,granular feed, and the intermediate products after secondary crushing. The quality and output of the feed products are directly affected by the classification and the performance of the equipment. What screen is commonly used in the feed industry? The answer is the gyratory screen. It is widely used in feed industry due to its simple structure, large output, convenient maintenance, low noise.
Under the inertia force, gyratory screen sieve box moves back and forth, driving the screen surface shaking periodically, and forcing feed material on the screen surface jumps along with the screen box, the material which is less than sieve aperture will be discharged from the outlet after continuous rolling and jumping movement, then screening operations complete.
gyratory screen
Gyratory screen is a new type of high efficiency swing type linear screening equipment ,and also called square swing sieve, it can completely solve the screening accuracy and processing output contradiction of general vibration screening machine, see the following characteristics:
1.Reasonable design, mature technology, easy installation and maintenance, wide application scope;
2.High screening efficiency , precision and processing capacity;
3.Unique design, convenient screen mesh replacing, high utilization rate, long service life;
4.Good screen mesh self-cleaning effect is good, low noise;
5.Good sealing effect, energy saving and environmental protection.
Besides, gyratory screen can be used in chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, non-ferrous metals, food, abrasive, mining and other industries in the accurate screening and grading process. Specific application materials, for example, chemical industry: chemical fertilizer, resin, melamine, soda ash ; Food industry :starch, salt, sugar, milk powder and other; metallurgy, non non-ferrous metals, nonferrous metal, magnetic materials. If you would like to know more about the knowledge of the gyratory screen, please visit:


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Please Pay Attention to the Operation Specification of Vibration Platform

Please Pay Attention to the Operation Specification of Vibration Platform 

Before the vibration platform is put into use, what the users do is that to check machine carefully. This article will introduce you some operation specification about it which can help you have a better understanding.

Before Operation

1.Please lay the foundation first, and then the fixed bolts must be tightened when installing.
2.Shaking table before using the test, after 3 ~ 5min drive load, stop and tighten all fasteners, repeated 2-3 times, then put into use.
3.Should be reliable grounding line to ensure safety
Vibration Platform

During Operation

1.Please fasten the vibration table concrete products and symmetrical with the table, balancing 
the load .
2.Please stop using it immediately if you find the noise is not normal.
3.Comprehensive inspection of fastener is loose, check the internal vibration motor eccentric block is loose or damaged parts and tighten loose parts, replace damaged parts if necessary.
Vibration Platform

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dewatering Screen in the Application of Potash Feldspar Ore Dressing Process

 Dewatering Screen in the Application of Potash Feldspar Ore Dressing Process

At present most of the production of potassium feldspar manufacturers in product dehydration link with spiral classifier and filter press to dewatering process, but the spiral classifier separation material, low working efficiency, filter press investment in energy consumption. And in the production of non-metallic mineral potassium feldspar, if through the spiral separator slag water separation, separation after finished product moisture content is exorbitant, can't do the heap.


Why do we choose to use dewatering screen? This is because that dewatering screen not only can be used for ball mill ore grading but can be used in potassium feldspar product dehydration. Potassium feldspar product dehydration link in traditional production process is processed by filter press, the disadvantage is that investment in energy consumption and low working efficiency, dehydration after finished the actual water content is high. Dewatering screen in the application of potash feldspar ore dressing greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption, reduce the area.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Tin Powder Screening Problem for Ultrasonic Vibration Sieve

1.The output powder efficiency of ultrasonic vibration sieve is low, there is no finish powder or less after sieving, if this kind of situation appears, we need to check the performance of ultrasonic acoustic, whether it is due to the poor quality, resulting in screen mesh blockage, causing the finished powder cannot be sieved out.
2.Larger and smaller size of tin powder exceed the standard, when confronted with the problem, we first need to check screen mesh of ultrasonic vibration screen, uneven powder size mostly may be due to poor quality of screen mesh, aperture size is not same when manufacturers make the screen mesh, or some parts of screen mesh are damaged after long time use, here it requires us select standard and qualified screen mesh from the regular manufacturers, regular check of screen damage is also required.

ultrasonic vibration sieve
3. The oxygen content of tin powder is excessive of the standard, it is mainly because of poor sealing ,which lead to air leakage, it is necessary to ensure good sealing and check whether the sealing ring and other sealing place are qualified or not, vibration sieve rubber sealing ring after long time use, it will occur deformation or a series of problems which results in the increase of oxygen content in tin powder. Therefore, check the sealing ring regularly, especially in the case of high temperature in the summer.
4. Unstable ultrasonic vibration screen will cause the screen mesh heating and screen plugging seriously, before using ultrasonic vibration sieve, please select and set the vibration motor power well, check the equipment adjustment flexibility and check if discharging outlet is smooth or not.

sealing ring
For points listed above, you will find the tin screening is a impregnable problem. As a senior research, development and production manufacturer, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd has devoted to solve all the screening problem, we are sure we will be the best choice, more information please click:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to Distinguish Between the Shaft and Shaftless Drum Screen?

How to Distinguish Between the Shaft and Shaftless Drum Screen?

The drum screen can be divided into two structures,shaft drum screen and shaftless drum screen.The common point of them is that they can both use for the bulk materials.But for some relatively complex material properties,we should choose the suitable drum screen according to the working condition.Here PK Machinery will give you a better understanding about it.Hope the following passage will help you.
1.Methods of Installation 
The roller device of the shaft drum screen is arranged on the frame. 
The screen of the shaftless drum screen is installed horizontally
2.Working Principle
For the shaft drum screen,after the drum motor reducer are connected together by coupling means, the drive roller means rotatable about its axis. When the material into the drum unit, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum unit, so that the material flip and scroll the screen surface, so that qualified materials through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum is discharged, substandard materials (sieve product) by the end of discharge rollers discharge port. As the material within the drum flip, roll, so that the card material in the meshes can be ejected, to prevent clogging of the sieve.

drum screen

For the shaftless drum screen,the motor drive pulley or sprocket gear roller, usually the slower speed, roller length can be longer, so that the material fully screened. Internal drum lifting plate may cause the material moves forward on the discharge end of the drum sieve material, sieve material discharge hopper along the drum income.
Shaft drum screen generally used in a large proportion of granular materials, such as: sand, coal, limestone, fertilizer, compost, ore.
Shaftless drum screen always used in smaller proportion of materials, such as: garbage, wood, charcoal, compost, building materials, chemical products etc.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How do we deal with the Unbalance Motor Vibration Phenomenon of Vibration Table?

How  do we deal with the Unbalance Motor Vibration Phenomenon of Vibration Table?

In the process of the operation,Vibration motor may appear the unbalance vibration phenomenon.Unbalanced vibration motor, see this sentence, there are a lot of people would be confused, vibration motor is used to produce? What is the unbalanced vibration? Today, here, we will simply describe what are the cause of unbalance vibration motor vibration.


1.During using the vibration platform,a single vibration motor will arises the motor steering problems, the material will move in vibration platform surface.
2.Using two vibration motor will change the mesa vibration platform vibration uniform.Two motors due to counter rotating each other, each other offset the shaking force in central platform.


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