Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Linear vibrating screen installation and debugging

 1. The linear vibrating screen machine in flat ground level solid (Concrete or steel structure surface), Anchor bolt (bolt penetrates based user owned), fastening.

Linear Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

2. The linear vibrating screen spring sets in, the seat ring(placed a screen body). Spring should be fully into the spring retainer, Ensure vertical, not twisted.

Linear Vibrating Screen Spring

3. Linear vibrating screen vibration sieve machine parts of other objects not and machine of any rigid connection or contact.

4. Connect the power supply, Press the start button (this machine can be started directly), The vibration motor synchronous rotating in the opposite direction.

5. The adjustment of excitation force: At both ends of the eccentric block vibration motor linear vibrating screen for debugging, angle adjustment two eccentric body can change the vibration service size, Sieve machine factory before excitation has been transferred to the best state of affairs, direct access to the use of, There is without for further adjustment.

Vibration Exciter

6. When necessary, can be adjusted according to the following methods: Open both ends of motor protective cover, loosen the eccentric locking bolt, The ends of the adjustable eccentric block to rotate in the same direction, The numerical para noses the reticle, the required excitation force. After adjustment, the fastening bolt is screwed down.

7. Linear vibrating screen in the open, stopping by the isolation zone will produce big vibration, To improve this situation, can be matched with the electric brake device

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Common Troubleshooting Methods of Vibration Motor

1. after connect the power supply, motor is unable to start, please check:
(1) if power supply is lack of phase;
(2) if motor is loss of phase;
(3) if protective cover is damaged or rub eccentric block.
2. after start-up, there is big motor noise or motor heats, please check:
(1) if the contact surface roughness of vibration machine and motor foundation is in line with the installation requirements;
(2)if the anchor bolts are not tighten up ;
(3) if the vibration acceleration is in line with the requirements;

vibrating motor
3. after the adjustment of eccentric block, amplitude changes abnormally please check:
If eccentric block on both ends of the rotor axis is symmetrical;
4. when two vibrating motors of vibration machine vibrate at the same time, if its phase does not conform to the requirements, please adjust the phase sequence of the single unit, don't adjust the total phase sequence of two vibrating motors.

vibration motor manufacturers

Monday, September 28, 2015

What is the Applicable Material for Drum Screen

Drum screen is a kind of cylinder revolving screening machinery that relies on gravity, its working principle is different with rotary vibrating sievelinear vibrating screen, drum screen can generate strong exciting force, so if dealing with the proportion of lighter materials, it is not suitable for drum screen, the screen is easy to get blocked due to the irregular shape material, and the most important is the screening effect is bad, so what is the applicable material for drum screen?

rotary trommel screen
Drum screen also is often used in mining, sand ,gravel industries, common screen mesh size can be larger than 5 mm, the smallest mesh size should larger than 3 mm, if the mesh size is smaller that is the wire mesh is small ,the service life will be shorter, besides, the drum screen doesn’t do a good job for on sieving fine material and the sieving efficiency is not very good.

drum screen for gravel
Except for sandstone, drum screen is also more commonly used for granular material screening, such as: chemical fertilizer, ceramsite and so on. The sieving efficiency is good and easy to handle large-scale capacity. 


Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to Maintain Vibrating Screen in Summer

In summer, excess temperature is a hidden danger of daily operation for vibrating screen, generally speaking, working requirements of the environment temperature is not more than 40 ℃, so during the daily operation of vibrating screen, what we should concern about is not only the process of production, but also the degree of temperature that the vibrating screen can bear.

vibratory feeders

For the outdoor working conditions, a anti-sunshine net or cover should be set up for the vibrating screen.

screen net of vibrating screen

Long-time sun exposure not only make the machine easy to get aging, but also cause the vibrating screen can not work normally due to the high temperature which will affect the screening efficiency and quality, it will even lead to a serious component damage, such as the damage of vibration motor.

trommel vibrating screen outdoor

For the indoor working condition or vibrating screen works in an ore processing plant, please pay attention to the adjustment of the indoor temperature, as well as the ventilation and the permeability, generally, a good working temperature is not more than 40 ℃.

vibrating sieve indoor

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Classification and Function of Rotary Vibrating Screen Sealing Ring

As we all know, rotary vibrating screen does a good job in food, chemical, ceramic, paper making, metallurgy industries, as well as its components sealing ring which plays an important role to ensure the sealing performance of rotary vibrating screen.
rotary vibrating sieve seal ring
Generally speaking, sealing ring can be divided into two types: U type and V type, it is mainly used for screen frame, net rack and dust cover to ensure better sealing performance and prevent leakage of material, at the same time it can reduce the destructive force to screen frame that rotary vibrating screen brings in vibration.
rubber seal ring

Sealing ring is commonly made of rubber, silicone and polyurethane, if there is no special requirement, it will be equipped with rubber sealing ring; Silicone and polyurethane sealing rings are mainly used for materials with special properties, such as high temperature, oil, corrosive materials. Among three types of sealing rings, the silicone sealing ring has a better sealing effect.
polyurethane-seal-ringsilicone seal ring

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Daily Operation and Maintenance of Gyratory Screen

Gyratory screen (similar with Rotex screener) is a high precision standard of fine screening machine, which is mainly composed of screen box, driving device, screen frame, support and vibration damping device, gyratory screen structure is compact, it is mainly used in screening operation like chemical, food processing, refractory materials, building materials industries. Here PK Machinery will make a brief introduction of gyratory screen daily operation and maintenance:

gyratory screen separator
1. check if all the components are normal, whether the fasteners are loose or not, especially the vibration motor; 
2. in the process of operation, please stop the machine at once and inspect if any abnormal sound is found , don not put into operation unless eliminate the failure; 
3. it is an initial stage that motor running accumulated within 100 hours, during this period, please fasten the foundation bolt regularly; 
4. you can shut down the gyratory screen after confirming the material inside the screen is empty ,so as to avoid material blockage; 
5. check the screen and clear the screen mesh regularly, check tension condition of screen mesh and see if there is degree; 
6. after about 200 hours of operation, please lubricate the vibration motor bearing, add lubricating oil inside the bearings, the grade is 1# calcium base grease.

gyratory screener

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Advantage of using Wooden Screen Frame for Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen wooden screen frame and plate have the advantages of sufficient strength, high opening hole rate and less blockage etc. When vibrating screen vibrates, the different shapes and sizes materials will pass through the screening plate under the action of vibration, material separation in order to achieve classification purpose.
Vibrating screen wooden screen frame and plate is commonly used for linear vibrating screen, it is convenient to replace screen mesh, you can also add bouncing balls which will increase the rate of passing through the screen mesh to prevent the blockage effectively, it is suitable for powder material screening. Wooden screen frame includes cypress screen frame, white pine screen frame and the Korean pine screen frame. The first one is an economic, the cost of the last two is 3 times higher than first one.

cypress screen frame

Wooden screen frame is an important working parts to complete the screening process, and it should be selected reasonably as per the requirement of screening equipment and working environment in order to achieve the best effect.

powder linear vibrating screen

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Advantages of GTS Drum Screen

 Here PK Machinery would like to introduce the advantages of GTS drum screen :
1. wide application and adaptability
2. material feeding method is simple and varied
3. high screening efficiency ,it can be equipped with comb type cleaning structure
4. large screening capacity, easy to be large-scale
5. small energy consumption, long service life, less maintenance
6. low noise, good working environment

drum screener

GTS drum screen structure: the main structure of drum screen is the sieving drum, which is inclined, the external drum is sealed by a sealing cover to prevent environmental pollution.
Drum screen can be equipped with comb clearing structure, in the process of screening ,the comb cleaning and the drum screen do relative movement to achieve the continuous screening purpose which will make drum screen clean and keep it from sticky, blockage and not not affect the sieving effect.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gyratory Screen used for Tea was Delivered to India

On September 11th, 2015, one set gyratory screen ordered by our Indian customer was delivered from Qingdao Port. This kind of machine is used to screen tea and its capacity is 100-150kg/h. According to our customer’s requirements, the engineer selected model 5PXZS1236 to meet the needs.

tea gyratory screen
Gyratory screen has 5 layers and the size of screen of every layer is 8 mesh, 10 mesh, 12 mesh, 16 mesh, 20 mesh respectively. So this type can meet customer’s demand well. Actually, this business can realize our mutual benefit.

In addition, PK Machinery has abundant experience in doing business with foreign customers and exporting vibrating screenbelt conveyorbucket elevatorscraper conveyor and screw conveyor for many years. We anticipate your enquiry sincerely.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Function of Damping Spring used by our Vibrating Screen

The damping spring is considered as a spare part which used to reduce the vibration of the vibrating screen that created by the vibrating motor. It is widely use in the vibrating machine. It can used to control the amplitude of the vibrating screen. Besides, damping spring helps to save the energy usage and measure the force that created by the vibration motor. Most of the damping spring is made of the galvanized spring steel; hence, it is rust resistance and always flexible. That is why the damping spring has long life span. 
On the other hand, by adjusting the position of the spring pedestal, the adjustment of the screen surface angle can be achieved. The screening efficiency is related to the springs’ performance. Therefore, there are some conditions that need to take note while choosing the damping spring:
1.The design of the damping spring must according to the types of the materials used, the working environment and conditions, as well as the quantity of the materials used.
2.If rubber spring is used, the degree of bonding between the metal and the rubber must be take note in order to avoid the concentration of the surface adhesive stress. 
3.Regular maintenance and replacement of the damping spring is needed.
4.Appropriate size and materials that used to made rubber spring is very important. When the screening machine is working, force will be created and this cause the rubber spring to consume the energy. Once this happened, the energy that consumed will be converted to heat energy. This will reduce the performance of the rubber spring as rubber is a poor heat conductor.  

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

vibrating screen apply to environmental or sewage treatment industry

There are many people questioning the processing capacity of vibrating screen in sewage treatment, however, we can see the vibrating screen plays an irreplaceable role in environmental industry and sewage industry as it can remove the municipal wastes, particles of heavy metals and fine particle pollutants in sewage effectively.

Sewage treatment dewatering screen
Paper-making industry:
Vibrating screen acts as a filter grid in the pre-treatment of industrial sewage which generated in paper-making industry, and effectively removed large particles of pollutants in wastewater.
Vibrating screen plays an important role in sewage treatment:
1. Sanitary sewage
With the improvement of life quality, the emission of sanitary sewage capacity is also continuously increasing. Although numerous municipal wastes are mixed in the sanitary sewage, vibrating screen has very good application in the pre-treatment of these municipal wastes. 
2. Sewage treatment plant
Sewage treatment plant disposes the sewage by passing through pre-treatment, primary and secondary treatment, advanced treatment and others. We have mentioned that it can play the main role in grid filtration in the pre-treatment process. Then we can utilize the exquisite vibrating screen to carry out fine filtration before sedimentation. This will not only shorten the settling time, but also improve the energy efficiency of the sewage treatment.
In summary, vibrating screen has obvious expression in the field of environmental protection and sewage treatment capacity and function. However, we have to understand that only the more meticulous manufacturing and improve the working efficiency of vibrating screen in all aspects, after that only we can more efficiently utilize these working performances and benefit features of vibrating screen.

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