Monday, October 26, 2015

The Cautions of Vibrating Feeder You Should Know

The Cautions of Vibrating Feeder You Should Know

How much do you know the vibrating feeder?Vibrating feeder is a kind of continuous uniform feeding equipment.It is widely used in in metallurgy, coal mine, dressing, building materials, chemical industry, grinding, etc.Here we will introduce the vibrating feeder what you should notice a lot.
vibrating feeder

For the user,In order to prolong the service life of the machine, ensure the machine can work normally, the user should do daily maintenance and repair work regularly.The following two aspects will show you how to maintain through apply proper lubricant.
1, The machine is normally use thin oil splash lubrication, according to the use of locations, the temperature conditions, lubricating oil should be put into use reasonable, usually with gear oil
2, Ensure that the vibrator is thin oil oil is higher than the standard height (by joint bend charging), And the oil must be replaced every three to six months time, when the oil change application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning tank, bearing raceway and gear surface regularly
vibrating feeder

In the process of operation,  you need to pay attention to the following security technology.
1,Operators can mount guard after the security technology education
2,Consolidate all bolts, to prevent the occurrence of loose in the running process
3,If discovery is unusual, please stop immediately repair
4,Operating personnel prohibited near the machine when the machine is running, touch the body, adjust, form, such as cleaning or inspection
5,Make sure the wires machinery and equipment safety, always check the electrical wiring for wear and leakage
vibrating feeder

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Little maintenance, big protection

Little maintenance, big protection

Have you ever seen a stainless steel vibration sieve covered with rust? It is easy to become matte if the stainless steel vibration sieve put into use for a long time.Therefor,for user,it is better to know the method to maintain the vibration sieve efficiently.Maybe a little maintenance,can make a big protection.Then the following passage will analyze this knowledge detailed.

The reason why vibration sieve become matte mostly because the airborne corrosion.Use long time exposed to the external environment, it is easy to oxidation.In such an environment condition,in order to prolong the service life of it, it is necessary to carry out the stainless steel surface cleaning maintenance in four aspects.
1.Be careful not to scratch the surface when cleaning
2.Avoid using with bleaching compositions and abrasive cleaning fluid
3.Do not use steel wire ball, grinding stuff cleaning stainless steel surface 
4.Scour the surface with clean water, removing washing liquid

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The classification of Explosion-proof Vibration Motor

1.According to the principle, explosion-proof vibration motor can be divided into explosion-proof asynchronous vibration motor, explosion-proof synchronous vibration motor and explosion-proof DC vibration motor etc.

explosion-proof vibration motor
2.According to the working place , explosion-proof vibration motor can be divided into coal mine use explosion-proof vibration motor and factory use explosion-proof motor.
3. According to the explosion protection principle , explosion-proof vibration motor types can be divided into the flameproof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, no-spark type and dust & explosion-proof electrical motor, etc.

increased safety motor
4.According to the matching equipment, explosion-proof vibration motor can be divided into explosion-proof motor for coal mine conveyor, coal mine winch, rock loader, coal mine fan, valve, blower, marine, lifting metallurgical hydrogenation device.

rock loader motor
5.According to the nominal voltage and efficiency, explosion-proof vibration motor can be divided into high voltage type, high efficiency type, high slip ratio type and high starting torque type of explosion-proof motor.

high voltage explosion proof motor

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Six factors influences screening efficiency of vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is one most important sieving equipment in mining, metallurgical, chemical and other industries In the actual operation, many factors may influence the screening efficiency, here PK Machinery will introduce as follows:
1. crackle occurs on the steel channel of motor bracket
In the process of running, the platform vibrates strongly which will directly cause a large secondary vibration in the process of running which will make steel channel of motor bracket crack.

motor bracket of vibratory feeders
2. weight deviation of vibrator eccentric
Vibrator eccentric is to make the vibrating screen vibrate, its weight directly affects the vibrating amplitude value, if there is eccentric weight deviation, the vibration force will be scattered at running time, which is directly reflected on the screen body, and the amplitudes inconformity of each part, it will cause vibration sieve connection parts or welding joint cracking.

weight deviation of vibrator eccentric
3. severe wear and deformation of outlet lining plate.
From wear condition of outlet side plate, soil and ore residue mixed and harden, during start-up and running processing, the vibrating screen vibrates and tamps constantly, soil becomes hardening and causes the soil and side plate striking.
4. crackle occurs on side plate and reinforcing rib crack, and the length is different.
Soil stuck seriously inside the outlet side plate, when vibrating screen works, soil compaction, and there will be a huge impact contact generated between vibrating screen and screen base frame. At the same time, it also seriously affects the linear motion of vibrating screen.

crackle occurs on side plate
5. damping spring failure.
After using for a long time, the spring will occur permanent deformation due to the rubber aging or long-term stress which lead to the spring failure and vibrating amplitude inconformity of each part, causing the vibrating screen connection parts or welding joint cracking.
6. misalignment of eccentric plumb line and natural plumb line.
When install an exciter, after connecting the universal shaft coupling and exciter well, there will be misalignment of eccentric plumb line and natural plumb line due to the influence of the driving shaft torque which leads to eccentric rotation out of sync, and the inconformity of amplitude of vibrating screen each part, causing the vibrating screen connection parts or welding joint cracking.

misalignment of eccentric plumb line
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Four Advantages of Linear Vibrating Screen with an Inclined Angle

Linear vibrating screen is widely used in mining, coal, refractory, metallurgy, building materials and other industries etc. PK Machinery can customized according to the client’s requirement and site space, such as the inlet and outlet location, vibrator motor installation location and linear vibrating screen can be inclined.
1. The motor angle of inclined linear vibrating screen can be adjusted freely, you can also enlarge the vibration source to get a amplitude which can meet the requirement of material screening.
2. The linear vibrating screen with an inclined angle can increase the screening production and improve production efficiency.
3. According to different material properties, the material can be sieved quickly due to the inclined angle of linear vibrating screen, it also can reduce the damage and friction of the screen mesh which brought by material.
4. When the angle is 15 °more than parallel, material are input as obtuse angle, it will increase the service life of the screen mesh effectively.

linear vibration screen with inclined angle

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Solve the Noise Problem of Linear Vibrating Screen?

1.before start-up of linear vibrating screen, we should first check whether the bolts of every part are fastened properly or not, the purpose of fastening bolt is to make the parts more consolidated and reduce the unnecessary extra vibration during operation.
2. add rubber sheet on screen side plate, inlet, outlet and hopper to effectively inhibit the high frequency vibration and reduce the radiated noise. But in the actual production process of rubber ,due to heat and pressure ,it will transform or damage. So please check and replace after using a certain period of time.
3. adopt small elastic modulus ,low impact noise polyurethane sieve plate or rubber sieve plate instead of the punching steel sieve plate , rubber spring instead of steel spring.

4. damping treatment between inside and outside of the bearing housing, bearing roller can be made out to hollow roller or add some damping materials in the interior of the hollow roller.
5. Adopt flexible wheel disk gears instead of steel gears, which using rubber elasticity of gear wheel disk to transfer the torque, absorbing the vibration caused by engaging-in and engaging-out of the gear.


How to deal with the Linear Vibrating Screen discharging inclined to one direction

   If the linear vibrating screen handing material poorly and discharging inclined to one direction, what should we do?
   The most prominent feature is no powder dispersion.
  1. Linear vibrating screens handing material low efficiency. Generally, the irrationality installed of the vibration motor can cause low efficiency handing material of the linear vibrating screen. Normally the supplier of the linear vibrating screen will send the technical personnel to help install the screen. Their key responsibilities are guide the users install and debug of the screen. While, owing to the screen vibration some parts of the screen will happen loose during the operation. At this time, users are required to maintain the vibration screen regularly. If have some difficult problems should contact the manufacturer promptly. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please don’t disassembly the screen privately! (Contact us :
Linear Vibrating Screen
   2. The possible reasons that caused the linear vibrating screen discharging inclined to one direction are as follows: 
  1) Feeding unequally. When using the linear vibrating screen to screen the material, we should try to feeding equally to avoid the screen discharging inclined to one direction.
  2) The installation base surface and spring seat place change.
Spring Seat
   3) Weight error of the screen itself, the center of gravity location inaccuracy
   4) Whether vibration exciter location and swing eccentric block either side is on balance
Vibration Exciter
  5)  The shock absorb spring is inconsistent, some of them damaged.
  6) Screen box transmutation.

Screen Box