Saturday, December 26, 2015

What is the selection notice of rotary vibrating screen?

1.Size of working area: rotary vibrating screen is circular, sieve surface area will effect of screening yield, so screening efficiency and yield can be improved by increasing the screening area. So the size of the field is one of the keys to the vibration screening.
2.Material characteristics: material properties,flowability and size.
3.Construction material: because of the different sieving materials, the construction material is also different, for example: food, salt, sugar and other related food industries, the whole machine material is SUS304. One reason is that hardness,thickness and wear resistance of 304 material are better, besides, polished stainless steel is bright like a mirror, the surface is clean and health, maintenance is very convenient which do not affect the material quality after screening. If the material is chemical, metallurgical and other raw materials, you can choose Q235 material, which not only save cost but also not affect the use.
4.Screen mesh can be divided into two kinds: stainless steel and carbon steel.
The shape and size of rotary vibrating screen are different generally based on the actual application and the on-site condition, and can be designed according to the requirements of clients to meet special circumstances. Common types of rotary vibrating screen: XZS-800mm, XZS-1000mm, XZS-1200mm, XZS-1500mm, XZS-1800mm, etc. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Mainly Tips to Install the Vibrating Feeders on Different Production Line

Vibrating feeder is usually used for uniform feeding, cloth according to be installed on different production line to ensure the stability of the connection between devices. When the feeder model is small, the driven device can be set two vibrating motors, if the model is large, the driven device can be set motor with vibrator exciter.

1.According to the customer's site environmental conditions and layout can be designed feeder hanging and sitting two installation methods.

When it is used in the following copper warehouse, hoppers, etc., there is no suitable feeder space when installed base.Then the four corners of the feeder can be used to hang in suspension under the hopper, space-saving layout can effectively feed between warehouse and by feeding equipment.

2.If the customer has requested, vibrating feeder can be designed to sit-in installation, installation to the actual arrangement of the embedded foundation.

3.If you feed a very fine dust and other materials used in the particle size uniform, vibrating feeder can be designed to seal cover with dust ports, link to the system filter, dust sealed to protect the environment.

4.If you have other special requirements, this feeder can be non-standard design process to meet some requirements.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Distinguish the Difference between YA and YK Circular Vibrating Screen?

How to distinguish the YK and YA circular vibrating screen during the customer purchase the equipment?Is it really suitable for your company?Here,the following passage will introduce the difference between them detailed.Hope you have a better understanding.
YK and YA are the two series of circular vibrating screen.YK series circular vibrating screen adopts eccentric block,and YA series adopts eccentric shaft.

YA circular vibrating screen

YK series circular vibrating screen, while retaining the original YA type shaft eccentric vibrating screen features, has the following significant advantages:
1.The vibration exciter adopts the form of eccentric block,which can not only make the eccentric weight if the exciter increase,but also can adjust the excitation force randomly.
2.The screening machine structure tends to simplify,improving the level of the manufacturing process and assembly precision equipment.
3.The use of the flexible coupling cross shaft universal joint shaft or rubber couplings, etc., stable operation.
4.With higher screening efficiency, greater processing capacity.
5.Long service life and using cycle.
6.Easy to maintenance and operation,high running efficiency 

YK circular vibrating screen

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Good Helper for Soybean Classification --Linear Vibrating Screen

The soybean (US) or soya bean (UK) (Glycine max)[2] is a species of legume native to East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean which has numerous uses. The plant is classed as one of the main oilseed by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).
Soybean is oval and sphere with yellow, light green, black and so on. The most common uses of soybeans are to do all kinds of bean products, extract soybean oil, ferment soy sauce and extract protein. Soybean residues or soybean meals are commonly used for livestock feed. Linear vibrating screen can play a powerful role in soybean classification and seed selection.

Linear vibrating screen for soybean classification adopts double vibration motor drive. When two motors are synchronous and counter rotating, exciting forces produced by eccentric block in the parallel and motor axis direction are offsetting. And the forces in the vertical and motor axis direction overlay a joint force, so that the motion carve of linear vibrating screen is a straight line. There is a angle between two motor axes and screen surface. The soybeans are thrown up and jump forward to do linear motion under exciting force and the gravity of soybeans. Oversized and undersized soybeans with different specifications discharge from respective outlets to achieve the purpose of screening and grading.
linear vibrating screen

We use screen with two layers to illustrate the soybean classification. The first layer is used for removing sundries in soybeans, and then the soybeans fall into the second layer. Oversized run to the outlet along with the vibrating force, and undersized impurities discharge from the third layer.
Linear vibrating screen for soybean classification has features of high quality, large capacity, stable operation, easy to operate and maintenance, fully enclosed structure, non dust overflow and so on. It is widely used in screening dry powder and granule materials in chemical, food, plastic, medicine, metallurgy, glass, construction, grain, fertilizer, abrasive, ceramics industries, etc.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Reasons for Vibrating Screen Material Accumulation

The Reasons for Vibrating Screen Material Accumulation

During use, the vibrating screen surface may occurs the material accumulation phenomenon. So what causes the accumulation of material is it, here PK Machinery engineer based on years of experience in analysis of what can be attributed to four issues:
1.Make sure whether the vibrating screen mesh choice has problems or not, sieve mesh network is too small will cause low permeability material.
2.Check the placement of vibrating screen ground whether is flat, spout material will affect the operation of high trajectory, causing the material to one side.

screen mesh
3.Screen mesh and the discharge port whether is horizontal or is too high, under normal circumstances should be level or higher than about 6mm, depending on the material discharge port design are not the same height.
4.Vibration motor angular adjustment if there are problems, improperly adjusted the angle of the vibration motor can also cause material accumulation phenomenon, the smaller the angle on the screen surface material spread outward run faster, whereas angular displacement of the General Assembly so that bulk material outward open slow. If you are under strict requirements for screening accuracy, the motor angle should not be too small, so as not to affect the accuracy of screening, in general, the factory motor shaker angle of 45 °, the user can also special screening process based on its material requirements will adjust the vibration motor angle to 100 °, the mesh material is centralized.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

How to choose the suitable vibration motor for the vibration machine?

Vibration motor has many types and models with a wide application,it is usually applied with the feeder, vibrating screen combination. The vibration motor is very important in the vibration machine. It directly determines the working efficiency of the vibration machine.The vibration mechanical vibration motor selection steps are as follows:
A.According to the operating requirements, confirm the required vibration of the frequency (r/min) and the amplitude Ym (mm).
Such as the six vibration motor (n=960r /min) can drive the vibration chute, vibration feeder, vibration mill, vibrating screen etc.
B.According to the structure of the vibration machine itself, get the vibration weight G (kg) and calculate the required vibration force Fm (N) .
C.According to the vibration of the operation to get Fm, you can get the model of the vibration motor, please pay attention to the exciting force FH is larger than Fm.
D.Design the overall structure, and calculate the actual vibration parameters, after the calculation, if the vibration motor is too large or too small, motor model should be re-selected.
E.Design of vibration isolation system. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to solve problem of damp material blockage occurs in vibrating screen ?

Vibrating screen is a kind of high precision and fine powder screening equipment, with the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, small size and quick screen mesh replacement,it adopts fully enclosed structure which is suitable for particles, powder, liquid, etc. Clients ever said wet material blockage occurred in vibrating screen,here PK Machinery will list some suggestion,hope it is helpful.
1.Increase the excitation force of vibration motor and increase the amplitude.
2.Increase the vibration frequency, please use the high-frequency vibrating screen.
3.Diluted with water to increase the liquidity of material.
4.Replace the screen mesh regularly to avoid damp material blockage.
5.Manual work assisted cleaning up the screen mesh blockage.
6.Equip with cleaning device, such as the brush.
Hope above mentioned are workable, if you have the other problems about vibrating screen,welcome to contact us freely.
Screen blocking scheme
vibrating screen

Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Install the Circular Vibrating Screen Punching Mesh?

Screen meshes Includes manganese steel woven mesh screen, perforated plate, stainless steel sieve, etc., each of which has its own special place, and therefore it should be selected according to the actual situation.Here we will share some of the easy to implement tips to install the circular vibrating screen punching mesh.
Vibrating mesh sieve punching method of installation with slime mesh sieve dehydration installation is similar. Entire slime dewatering screen is horizontal assembled, but in order to ensure the dehydration effect of the machine, so the screen is negatively corner installation. Alternatively polyurethane screen mesh, tension mounted, or stainless steel weld seam sieve, pressing installation, to meet different needs. But the circular vibrating screen is angled, when using perforated screen, pressing need for the use of square wood, wedge tensioning way.

manganese steel woven wire mesh
Insufficient tightness of the screen will cause the following effects:
① mesh bending deformation, stress concentration serious, relaxation is easy to produce secondary vibration sieve, sieve premature breakage under alternating stress, caused no small economic loss;
② bending deformation affecting mesh sieve through effective screening area, so this should be through the sieve through the sieve material failed, resulting in reduced screening efficiency;
③ screen surface depressions lead to material retention, hinder the forward movement of the material layer, and ultimately affect the productivity of the shaker.

In view of this, increasing the tension of the screen, to ensure smooth screen surface, not only can effectively improve screen life, but also help to ensure the efficiency and productivity of vibrating sieve.

stainless steel screen plate manufacturers

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Methods to Improve the Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

For different ‪‎screening materials,the screening efficiency may different.In order to better sieving the materials,it is necessary to improve the screening efficiency of vibrating screen.Here,PK Machinery lists the methods which can really improve the sieving efficiency as follows.

vibrating screen
First of all,we will show you the two mainly tips.One is dry sieving,and the other is wet sieving.
For dry sieving, you should strictly control the feed water, when the water is high, then considering the screening ingredients.
For wet sieving,conditions permitting, this is the most effective means to improve the screening effect.

circular vibrating screen
Then secondly,the following methods you also should pay attention to:
1.Selection with self-cleaning sieve sieve batter to reduce porosity, such as adding anti-clogging means spring rod sieve or screen below
2.Improve the sieve openings, high aperture ratio will help to improve the screening effect
3.When feeding, feeding along the full width of the screen to make full use of the screen surface
4.Reclining screening machine if conditions permit, the appropriate angle helps to reduce the material thickness, to achieve a thin layer of screening material
5.Counterweight adjustment method to improve the circular vibrating sieve effect
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why vibration sieve screen mesh damaged so fast?

Why vibration sieve screen mesh damaged so fast? Factors that quicken vibration sieve screen mesh damage are like screen mesh quality, screen mesh tensioning force, material feeding problems etc.In numerous factors,screen mesh quality is the key factors that aroused screen mesh damaged fast.Here we will introduce the each factor as follows.
vibrating screen mesh
1.Screen mesh quality is an important factor that aroused screen mesh damaged fast. If the screen mesh material can’t meet with the requirement of the material sieve, then the screen mesh will damaged soon.
2.Screen mesh don’t have enough tension that caused the screen vibrate, in this case the screen mesh usually damaged or broken along the edging.
3.Generally speaking, screen mesh has an upper and a lower force layer, which request that the two layers contact closely. If the screen mesh pre-tensioning is poor, when the lower force layer is tension but the screen layer isn’t tension, then when the vibration sieve working the vibrating distance of the screen mesh is too long, can’t effective compress with the screen frame contact section, these is also one reason that aroused screen mesh damaged so fast.

screen mesh
4.Material feeding problem As we should keep feeding during the vibration sieve work process, if feeding too much one time will block the material normal movement on the screen plate, which not only easily make the screen mesh become loose but also will greatly reduce the capacity of the material. Feeding material too much one time will make the unbalanced motor loading suddenly increased, which not only easily damaged screen mesh but also easily caused the vibration motor damaged, so when we feeding material must feeding uniformity. If the feeding way has strong impact, the vibration sieve must equip with impact hopper. If the material impact the screen mesh will consume exciting force generated by the vibration source, which more likely to cause screen mesh damage and screen mesh fatigue.
screen mesh
1.When you choose the vibration sieve you should choose the quality reliable screen mesh
2.Check the tensioning force of the screen mesh usually
3.Check whether the screen mesh squeezing ramming or not
4.If you sieve liquid with strong impact, you’d better equip hopper or buffer.
5.If there is accumulation of material, you should find out the reason as soon as possible such as adjust the eccentric of vibration motor
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Factors should be Considered when Purchase a Vibrating Screen

First, the physical properties of the material to be sieved
Including material particle size, shape, moisture content, bulk density, and other material properties. When the particle size is very small, mesh is small, usually screening rate is very low, the same amount of processing need to use a larger model; when large humidity of materials, screening efficiency will be reduced, but the larger mesh size, moisture the impact is smaller; when the material is corrosive, usually made of stainless steel or stainless steel material contact parts.
Second, the nature and structure of the screen surface
If materials do vertical movement on the screen surface, it will have high screening rate and large capacity. For certain material, production rate and screening rate of vibrating screen are determined by mesh size. In general, wide screen surface has high production rate and long screen surface has high screening rate. What’s more, the larger the effective screening area is, the higher the screening rate is.
circular vibrating screen

Third, the production conditions

When a large load screening machine, the low screening efficiency. Feeding uniformity of screening process significant, so try to achieve uniform feed (In this regard, our company specializes in plane rotary sieve inlet Added sub-feeder, can achieve uniform feed).
Only taking the above influence factors into consideration can users purchase the most economical and appropriate vibrating screen.More information, please visit
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How to Analysis the Troubleshooting of Linear Vibrating Screen Plate?

Linear vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screen. The linear vibrating screen can use exciting force generated by the vibration motor to realize the material accurate screening. At the same time its trajectory is linear, and has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, high output and low energy consumption, which makes it is ideal for the assembly working line. 
linear vibrating screen manufacturer
Linear Vibrating Screen

Screen plate is an important part in the linear vibrating screen, which directly affect the quality of the linear vibrating screen effect.
How to improve the life of the linear vibrating screen plate has become the key to reduce the failure rate of linear vibrating screen. Currently linear vibrating screen ribbed slabs are easily broken, and polyurethane material is easily worn. The main reason is that the screen plate joints place lack of no support beams, screen plate mounted directly on a straight beam, screen plate and vibrator are synchronized, which keeps linear vibrating screen ribbed slabs long time in the floating state movement, then the linear vibrating screen ribbed slabs are easily to broken. After the upper sieve broken, it will produce some > 30mm substandard ore, after the lower screen broken, the effusion pool will piled ore quickly, causing the whole scrubbing process have to stop, only after cleaning all the effusion pool can reproduction. Screen plate installed directly in the beam, which also caused polyurethane and steel directly contact. During the operation of linear vibrating screen polyurethane material easily worn, which will affect screen plate life.
linear vibrating screen manufacturer
Vibrating Plate
Then we can use welding plate to support beam in the place of the screen joints, at the same time we can also add impact belt, and make the width of the belt is consistent with the beam width. By doing this we can reduce the wear and breakage of the screen plate during operation.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Reasons and Solutions of Quick Breakage of Vibrating Screen Cloth,You Know?

Main reasons:
a. Quality is a important factor which causes quick breakage of screen cloth. If the material of screen cloth cannot meet the requirements of screening, screen cloth may be damaged quickly. We will list the classification of screen cloth and suggest ways to select appropriate screen when our customers are choosing vibrating screen.
b. Tension strength of screen cloth is not enough which cause the chatter of screen and the damage or breakage in layering point or screen edge. 
c. There are upper screening layer and lower stress layer, and the two layers should be fit closely. If the tension technology of screen cloth is poor, and the stress layer is tightened while screening layer not, the distance of screen vibrating is too long, and the contact segment between screen cloth and frame cannot be tightened efficiently. It is also one of the reasons of quick breakage of screen cloth.
d. Material feeding problem. As the continuous feeding in operation of vibrating screen, if feeding too much at a time, materials’ motion may causes loose of screen cloth and reduce the capacity of the machine. 
Vibrating Screen Cloth manufacturer
vibrating screen cloth

a. Select the screen cloth with reliable quality. 
b. Check the tension strength of screen cloth regularly.
c. Check the compaction of screen cloth.
d. If screening liquid, it is better to install a bucket or buffer.
e. If there is Material accumulation, find out the reasons as soon as possible.
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bouncing ball
bouncing ball

Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Deal With the General Common Faults of Gyratory Screen?

If Screen body running abnormally such as Sieve unusual sports such as torsional oscillation occurs etc, mainly due to eccentric rotors installed improperly result in main axle bend or bearing damage. For these reasons, you can make the appropriate adjustments.
If mixing occurs, the mainly reason may be screen damaged or screen body seal is lax, Solutions is to replace the screen cloth or fill holes, check the seal strip.
If the output can’t meet the requirement, mainly reasons are multiple: such as the material moisture is too high, mesh blockage, mesh size does not meet the requirements, the belt speed ratio is too low or belt occurs slip, lack of feed rate, bouncing balls serious wear and tear. Solutions is to reduce material moisture, replace screen cloth or change the screen clear network system, check the pulley and adjust the belt tension, increase feed rate, replacing the bouncing ball.
Gyratory Vibrating Screen Manufacture
When support frame fracture happens, mainly due to the support frame has usage cycle, long-term implants uniform or long-term bearing torsional stresses make itself flexibility failure, then result in fracture. Therefore, in the routine maintenance, you should pay more attention to the condition of the support frame, checked found and replaced promptly, if possible, you’d better replace all the support plate at the same time, and try to make every support plate force uniform, so as to make it consistent with the amplitude .

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Should You Adjust The Excitation Force of Vibration Feeder?

When customers purchase feeder motor, because of the pre-supplied parameters and reality production material particle size, amount per hour occurs an error, so the customer can change the motor exciting force own according to the following description, making the process variation change.But is it necessary to adjust?
Each brought in shaft vibration motor eccentric block has a fixed and an adjustable eccentric, users can adjust the excitation force according to change the adjustable and fixed eccentric eccentric angle.You can see table 1.The different excitation force when angle different,you can see the table 2.


Table 2:
Adjustable eccentric block rotation angle 
excited force

When adjusting the vibration motor excitation force, please disconnect the power supply before adjusting the vibration motor excitation force.What should pay attention to is that when you adjust the excitation force two vibration motor eccentric position consistent tone to avoid the phenomenon discovered the emphasis on feeder according to the damage depth.It is generally useless to adjust the excitation force is needed, please do not attempt to open the vibration motor,adjust the eccentric angle.

vibration feeder

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is The Driven Device Suitable For Linear Vibrating Screen?

Linear vibrating screen is designed with dual-vibration motor drive.According to the capacity of different material is different, the vibrating screen model and the vibration source is different also.Here PK Machinery would like to talk about the driven device selection for linear vibrating screen.
For some ceramics, food, and other less dense granular material, when dealing with a smaller amount, demand shaker model is small, usually less than the length of the screen surface 3000mm, width of the screen surface is less than equal to 1200mm, the small screen of its own weight , to meet the amount of processing conditions, the vibration source shaker select both synchronous and opposite vibration exciting force generated by the motor rotation direction. The motor can be installed on top of the screen box, bottom and sides.

Linear Vibrating Screen

For some coal, ore, building materials and other denser particulate material is too large, the environmental conditions, the general requirements of larger handling capacity, demand shaker models are also relatively large, usually larger than the screen surface length 3600mm, when the screen surface is greater than the width of 1500mm, the weight of the screen itself is also heavier. When the amount of processing required to achieve, you need to select running motor driven exciter excitation force generated as the vibration source, achieve grade materials. Exciter is usually installed above or below the screen box.
If conditions have space restrictions or special requirements, we also can make special optimized design.
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Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Prevent The Trommel Screen Mesh Blockage

During the operation process of the trommel screen,it is easy to cause the screen mesh blockage due to the different problems. It's worth mentioning that our engineer can solve the issue in time whenever our customers feedback this problem.And then,what advice our engineer give to prevent the trommel screen mesh blockage?
First,adding the automatic cleaning brush at the top of the screen trommel,so that trommel screen can automatic cleaning during operation. 
Second,due to the original material is sand,slightly moist,the trommel screen should equipped with air compressors,thus using air power to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Third,attempts to prevent the device through the high frequency vibratory force small hit, and with flexible screen surface that can efficiently clean up the blockage, qualified materials ensure smooth through the sieve, sieve in a wet state clean, sieve through rate, in order to achieve high efficiency , energy saving and environmental protection.
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Trommel Screen

Saturday, November 28, 2015

So What is the Right Way to Operate the Linear Vibrating Screen?

What should we notice when use linear vibrating screen for the first time?Maybe you should be pay attention to  the following six points.
1.Check if there is bolt looseness of the linear vibrating screen.
2.Remove four fixed plates of all the springs on the linear vibrating screen in order to protect the machine from scratch during transportation process.
3.Read the manual carefully and check the components before testing the linear vibrating screen.
4.Since vibration motor works continuously, it needs to be filled with oil regularly .
5.Check if there is screen mesh damage when the machine stops working.
6.As some users may choose wood net rack, please also check if there is screen frame damage. Compared with steel net rack, the wood net rack is easy to replace screen mesh,however, the life span is much shorter. 
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Installation and Commissioning of YA Circular Vibrating Screen

1.Before installation,please refer to the installation drawing of concrete foundation, embedded anchor bolts or embedded steel plate ,the flatness error should be less than 3mm.
2.After the completion of installation, please check and adjust the levels of spring to make sure supporting position is under uniform stress. The motor axis should be 3-5mm lower than the axis of the vibrator, the height of support spring symmetric point should be equal (error ≤ 3 mm).
3. Each part of the vibrating screen should be firmly connected, all bolts should be tightened before start running.
4. Adjust the eccentric vibrator angle which can realize the adjustment of the excitation force, so as to adjust the amplitude of vibrating screen.
5. The distance between the vibrating screen and other obstacles should be less than 100mm.
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Circular Vibrating Screen

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Mainly Tips for YA Circular Vibrating Screen

1.Before operating:Inspect the YA circular vibrating screen whether all fastening bolts are loose or not

2.During non-load running:Make sure that screen body keeps smooth and the temperature of vibrator bearing is no more than 75℃

3.After non-load running:Ensure tighten all bolts again

4.After running normal:Better to inspect fixture condition of the bolts regularly

5.During put into use:Inspect wearing parts frequently and change the worn or inelastic damping springs in time. The adjustment, application and maintenance of vibration source should refer to vibration source specification

6.Before stopping running:Stop feeding materials and ensured all the materials are discharged

YA Circular Vibrating Screen