Monday, August 31, 2015

Application and Features of Vibration Platform

► Brief Introduction
Vibrating/Shaking Platform is the device mainly used for reducing air and crannies among the material to compress the material; it is always used with silo.

►  Working Principle

Unbalance motors make the platform to oscillate. An oscillation insulating elastic suspension connects the top and bottom part of the platform. The amplitude of the oscillation can be changed by adjusting the unbalances on the unbalance motors during standstill. Besides, the vibration frequency can be changed during the operation time if an electric control with frequency inverter is being used. Both parameter have influence on the vibration intensity and allow an adaption to the different scopes. 
►  Features
1) Durable
2) Strong power
3) Stable running
4) Simple structure
5) Reduced maintenance
►  Advantage

   2.Strong power
   3.Stable running
   4.Simple structure
   5.Reduced maintenance
   7.For concrete and construction applications, it can reduce the need to trowel during pours.
   8.Reduce or eliminate the need to hand finishing to remove flaws caused by trapped air.
   9.Dramatically improve product quality and reduce defects without increasing cost.
   10.Properly fitted with the motors and other parts to ensure smooth functioning.

►  Application

Vibration platform is used for:
   1.Compaction, detachment and aeration of bulk materials
   2.Testing of welded joints in automobile industry and delicate joints in electronic industry
   3.Effective packing of fluffy and difficult to handle powder in chemical and pharmaceutical industry
   4.Proper flow of powder in dies and moulds to get perfect moulded parts
It can apply on steel, foundries, concrete, food processing, plastics, construction, chemical and bulk materials industry. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vibrating Feeder---A kind of linear direction feeding equipment

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► Brief introduction:

Vibrating Feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment, It consists of feed spout, vibration body, vibrating motor, damping device. It can feed material for belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, bucket elevator, vibrating screen, crusher etc.

► Working principle:The feed process of the vibrating feeder is achieved by the feed spout do line reciprocating vibration periodically which is forced by the special vibrating motor. When the vertical component of the feed spout vibration accelerated speed is bigger than the gravitational acceleration, the material will be upthrow and jumping forward along a parabolic path. Because of the continuous exciting of the vibrating motor, the feed spout will
Vibrating continuously and the material in the feed spout will jumping forward continuously, so that achieves the purpose of feeding material.

► Features:
   1.Smooth operation, large feeding capacity with high efficiency.
   2.Low energy consumption.
   3.Characterized by even feeding, excellent continuity and adjustable vibrating force.
   4.Eccentric block as the main source of vibration.
   5.Double screening and embodies the functions of dirt removing, screening and feeding.

► Advantage:
      Stable vibration, reliable operation and long service life;
      The excitation force and materials quantity moving in the feeder can be adjusted conveniently and easily.
      The vibrating motor, as the excitation source, has low noise, small power consumption, good adjusting performance and without material splash.
      Simple structure, reliable running, convenient installation, light weight, small size, easy maintenance, and the enclosed type can prevent dust pollution.
► Application:
      ZG Vibrating Feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, food processing, packaging, glass, steel, construction, recycling, plastic industry etc.

► Operation and Maintenance:
      A.Problems occurring in Vibratory Feeders
Four basic malfunctions that bring attention to vibratory feeders need to be concern:
    1.Declining feed rate due to low amplitude. This will occur gradually over a period of time.
    2.A dead spot in the bowl – parts will not feed past a certain point in the bowl, even though they are moving elsewhere in the bowl.
    3.Intermittent operation. The feeder will spontaneously run at excessive amplitude or possibly no amplitude without apparent cause. Included in this category is for a feeder not to work at all.
    4.Noise from the vibrating feeder.

       B.Overhaul and Readjustment of Vibratory Feeders
   Here are the methods to solve the problems:
       1.Remove the bowl, and clean the mating surfaces between the bowl and the top casting of the base.
      These surfaces can accumulate dirt, sometimes, and other material that will make it difficult to draw the bowl tightly down on the top casting of the base. These surfaces should be flat and clean. Using emery paper or a flat file is adequate to recondition the surface.
      2.Operating on one bank of springs at a time, loosen the springs top and bottom and remove them.
      Both ends of each springs, as well as the spacers and mounting surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with either emery paper, a wire brush or glass bead shot peened.
    3.Examine each spring for cracks and corrosion
The cracks will always occur adjacent to the hole punched in either end, on this type of spring. Sometimes these cracks are not visible to the naked eye, and a simple test is to hit the spring on something solid (dropping it on the floor). Usually this will cause the spring to break thru.
    - Any pitted springs or spaces should be replaced.
    - Reassemble the springs and spaces in the manner in which they were prior to disassembly.
    - Draw up the screw snug.
    - Do this on each remaining banks of springs.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Dewatering Screen for coal industry

Dewatering screens have a wide variety of application including dewatering, desliming, degritting, rinsing, scrubbing and washing. It is made up of screen cloth, vibration exciter, supporting system and motor. Materials such as sand, gravel, crushed aggregates, frac sand, industrial sands, mineral sands, hard rock, precious metals, coal, iron ore, salt and other granular materials which can be processed through a dewatering screen.

Working principle:
      To dewater material effectively, damp material is feed onto a steep, downward inclined screen surface at the feed end of the Dewatering Screen to achieve rapid drainage. A pool of water begins to form in the valley as material builds up on the slightly upward inclined surface. Counter rotating motors create a linear motion, driving solids uphill, while liquid drains through the screen media. The uphill slope of the screen, along with a discharge weir, creates a deep bed that acts as a filter medium, allowing retention of material much finer than the screen openings.
      When the two vibrating motor that installed vertically on the coal dewatering screen rotate relatively, the eccentric block of two vibrating motors produce rated excitation force. The horizontal excitation force cancel each other out, the vertical excitation force is transported to the whole screen surface through the body mass vibration.

   1. Low noise, easy to maintain
   2. Large capacity
   3. High screening efficiency
   4. Light weight, easy to disassemble and replace
   5. Stable structure and strong exciting force

   1.Stable structure with strong exciting force
   2.High screening efficiency and low noise pollution created
   3.Durable and easy maintenance
   4.Materials that stuck at the screening mesh can easily remove
   5.Low energy consumption
   6.Large handling capacity.
   7.Light weight, easy to disassemble and replace

Dewatering screen is widely used in coal industry, ore industry, electricity industry metallurgy industry, mining industry etc.
In addition, PK machinery also supplies bucket elevatorscrew conveyorlinear vibrating screen,circular vibrating screenrotary vibrating screengyratory screen etc., any inquiry, please feel free to contact us!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Development Trend of Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building material, refractory material, light chemical, medicine, food etc..

circular vibrating sieve
With the higher and higher requirements, the development of vibrating screen reaches a new stage. Combining the domestic and abroad situation, it can be divided into some aspects as follows:
1.To develop in the direction of high efficiency and large output 
Development of industrial modernization process which increases enterprise scale and production capacity greatly, so it needs to match with an efficient high-throughput screening machine.
2.To develop in the direction of standardization, serialization and generalization 
This is a good way to guarantee the quality and reduce the cost , it also provides convenience for designing and organizing specialized production.

dewatering vibrating screen
3.To develop in the direction of stronger vibration strength
The vibration of vibrating screen is strengthened gradually in order to improve productivity and screening efficiency.
4.To develop in the direction of light ,environmental protection and simply structure
Now the structure of vibrating screen is much more simple than previous one, it is more convenient to replace the screen mesh and will save a lot of time.
Henan plain mining machinery co., LTD is specialized in manufacturing screening equipment, lifting equipment and conveying equipment , with abundant engineering design experience, professional technical ability and strict fabricating specification, PK Machinery is always walking at the forefront of this developing trend!

rotary vibrating sieve

Monday, August 24, 2015

The video for testing of Circular Vibration Screen you should pay attention to

Circular vibrating screen is classical and universal screening equipment whose trajectory is circle, has the advantages of high efficiency, high screening accuracy, etc. 

Round vibration sieve is composed of driving device, screening body, screen, shock absorber, supporting device, etc. 

Circle separator is used in mine, metallurgical, chemical, power plant, energy industry, etc.

Thank you for your watching.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Maintenance Notes for Circular Vibrating Screen

1. Always keep the circular vibrating screen working in a clean and sanitary environment.
2. The bearing on both ends of the motor should be lubricated with anti- high temperature lubricating grease, in the first month, please lubricate once a week .
3. Check flange bolts on both sides of motor, the bolts which fix the mesh and the support connecting bolt shouldn’t have loose phenomenon.
4. The circular vibrating screen should be maintained every half year.
A. clean the vibrator and add grease for all lubricating points.
B. check the abrasion condition of screen mesh, if any damage , please maintain and replace timely.

 5. The circular vibrating screen should be maintained and repaired every year. 
A. Open the motor terminal box ,check the insulation between the wires and clean the dust.
B. Add grease on all lubricating points.
C. check each part of the circular vibrating screen and abrasion condition of screen mesh, if any damage please maintain and replace timely.
E. After finishing all the work, a trial run is also required. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Dry Sand Drum Screen Ordered by Kazakhstan client has been Finished

On 14th August, Drum screenbelt conveyor and vibrating feeder ordered by Kazakhstan
client are finished production and ready for delivery.
  Our client is mainly dealing with building brick and curbstone production line, these
machines will be used for screening and conveying 8-10t/h dry sand with density of 1.4 t/m3, the working principle is as follows:
The dry sand will be transported to silo by forklift, and then the materials will be fed uniformly to 14m belt conveyor through a vibrating feeder. After that, the belt conveyor will convey the dry sand to drum screen with 1200m diameter. The dry sand will be delivered to next production stage by forklift after the screening process. 

 In addition, PK machinery also supplies bucket elevatorscrew conveyorlinear vibrating screen,circular vibrating screenrotary vibrating screengyratory screen etc., any inquiry, please feel free to contact us!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What should We Note during the Operation of Gyratory Screen

Gyratory screen is similar to rotex screener, it is designed with gyratory motion which can obvious improves the distribution of the material. Applicable material includes urea, potash, fertilizer, activated carbon, pellet, ceramic powder, sugar, salt, starch and fireproofing material etc. Here PK Machinery will introduce necessary notes before starting up the screen.
 1. Check the fastened part, safe protection device and lubrication before start-up.
2. Test run without load first for about 3-5mins to see if the rotation direction meets the requirement.
3. Feeding material with normal operation once non-load test run is normal,
4. Check the material discharging condition during running, if any blockage is found, please solve it timely.
5. Check the material distribution on screen mesh is uniform or not, if necessary, stop machine and adjust.
6. If there is abnormal noise or vibration that you have to stop the gyratory screen, please stop machine at once, only when the trouble is eliminated, then you can start up.
7. If gyratory screen is operated in a production line together with other equipment, please start up downstream equipment, then start up the upstream equipment.

Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the most professional manufacturer of Belt conveyor, and Vibrating screenBucket elevatorScrew conveyorScraper conveyor using the world's most advanced technology, we are willing to serve every company to meet your custom needs. Our goal is "be the future global leader of mining machinery industry". Have any questions, please contact us without any hesitation.                    
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Application Analysis of Calcium Carbonate Rotary Vibrating Screen

The sealing performance of calcium carbonate rotary vibrating screen is pretty good, non-blocking design and precise screening. Besides, you can also choose ultrasonic vibrating screen instead of common rotary vibrating screen in order to achieve more accurate screening performance, the screening accuracy even can reach 500 mesh.

 In the process of production of calcium carbonate, it mainly includes light calcium carbonate and heavy calcium carbonate, the production process of two kinds of calcium carbonate is the same during crushing and screening. When screening the calcium carbonate, the output rate is designed according to manufacturing production rate per hour, the screening amount is calculated as per the material amount after crushing, the general selection of material granularity is around 100 mesh and the main selection specification is 60 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh etc. In addition, the mesh size is also selected according to the needs of users. In the process of screening, rotary vibrating screen is the best screening equipment, the screen mesh can be replaced with the previous required mesh size in order to achieve the screening requirements.
Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the most professional manufacturer of Belt conveyor, and Vibrating screenBucket elevatorScrew conveyorScraper conveyor using the world's most advanced technology, we are willing to serve every company to meet your custom needs. Our goal is "be the future global leader of mining machinery industry". Have any questions, please contact us without any hesitation.                    
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

vibrating feeder for sawdust to Thailand

Vibratory feeders(as known as vibrating feeders,vibration feeders) is suitable for metal and coal feeding system. The materials will be discharged evenly onto the belt conveyor from bunker by using vibratory feeders and will form into a appropriate thickness and width of material layer. Applicable materials can be coal, ore, sandstone, sandy soil and other powder raw materials in food and chemical plant.

The feeding process of vibratory feeders is achieved by the feeding chute doing linear reciprocating vibration periodically which is forced by the special vibrating motor. When the vertical weight of the feeding chute vibration accelerated speed is bigger than the gravitational acceleration, the material will be upthrown and jumped forward along a parabolic path. The feeding chute will vibrate and the material inside the feeding chute will jump forward continuously due to the continuous exciting of the vibrating motor, so that it can achieve the purpose of material feeding. 
The characteristics of thevibratory feeders mainly include the following parts:

1. It can easily control the discharge capacity. You can also control the discharge capacity (tons/hour) by using a inverter.
2. It applies to a wide range of materials, such as powder, granule, block and other materials.
3. Low maintenance cost , because of adopting resonance principle, so the vibration feeder has less power consumption and less wear characteristics.
4. It can be used in special conditions: according to different working condition, the vibrating feeder can be equipped with dust cover, liner plate, sealing part etc.
5. Smooth vibration and reliable operation.
6. Special grid design which can prevent material blockage. The clearance between grids can be adjustable.
7.Frequency conversion motor is optional, you can change the capacity by adjusting the motor frequency which is easy to control the feeding rate without starting motor frequently.
vibrating feeder for sawdust to Thailand 

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