Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Select and Install Screen Cloth of Linear Vibrating Screen

The selection and installation of screen cloth is very important for linear vibrating screen. Select the most suitable screen cloth and install it according to correct way can improve the performance and prolong the service life of the linear vibrating screen.
1. How to select the most suitable screen cloth?
a. Because it is complicated for screen cloth installation of linear vibrating screen, we should select the screen cloth with thicker wire diameter.
b. While cutting screen cloth, we should keep the width of screen cloth consistent with the mesh frame, length should be 50-70mm longer than mesh frame.
2. How to install the screen cloth of linear vibrating screen?
a. Since the tensity of screen cloth will affect the screen efficiency directly, we should keep the screen cloth tension during installing the screen cloth.
b. Please confirm whether needs to add the bouncing balls according to mesh size and difficulty level of the screened material.
c. We should add suitable supported mesh size under the screen cloth if the mesh of the screen cloth is high or bulk density of the material is big.
d. While install the pressing plate, we should keep the flatness of the plate and line with strong scalability sponge sealing to lock it uniformly.
e. After completing installation, we should test the condition of feeding material and screening with few materials. If materials run forward uniformly, classify accurately without mixing phenomenon,linear vibrating screen can be used well. If not, we should adjust the linear vibrating screen mesh and test again.

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