Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Application & Development of Vibrating Screen in Food Industry

Vibrating screen used in food industry is a kind of high efficiency screening machinery for high precision fine powder and other materials , which is easy to operate, fully enclosed structure, suitable for granular, powder, mucus and other materials screening and filtering classification. 
Such as powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, milk, egg, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, papaya powder, green tea powder, kudzu powder, and potato processing production which are commonly used in daily life,vibrating screen will be a good helper. 
Take starch or rice powder as example, usually the first procedures : impurity removal of raw materials - screening-weighing;secondly , soaking- coarse grinding-germ separation-fine grinding-screening of starch-protein separation-centrifugal dewatering- thermostatic drying, lastly,weighing-product packing. We can not imagine how to deal with the screening in the process of food without vibrating screen. Vibrating screen overcomes the difficulty of fine material screening easily, which also makes food diversified and entire food industry develop rapidly.

gyratory vibrating screen

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