Saturday, December 26, 2015

What is the selection notice of rotary vibrating screen?

1.Size of working area: rotary vibrating screen is circular, sieve surface area will effect of screening yield, so screening efficiency and yield can be improved by increasing the screening area. So the size of the field is one of the keys to the vibration screening.
2.Material characteristics: material properties,flowability and size.
3.Construction material: because of the different sieving materials, the construction material is also different, for example: food, salt, sugar and other related food industries, the whole machine material is SUS304. One reason is that hardness,thickness and wear resistance of 304 material are better, besides, polished stainless steel is bright like a mirror, the surface is clean and health, maintenance is very convenient which do not affect the material quality after screening. If the material is chemical, metallurgical and other raw materials, you can choose Q235 material, which not only save cost but also not affect the use.
4.Screen mesh can be divided into two kinds: stainless steel and carbon steel.
The shape and size of rotary vibrating screen are different generally based on the actual application and the on-site condition, and can be designed according to the requirements of clients to meet special circumstances. Common types of rotary vibrating screen: XZS-800mm, XZS-1000mm, XZS-1200mm, XZS-1500mm, XZS-1800mm, etc. 

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