Friday, July 17, 2015

Repair Method of Linear Vibrating Screen

The repair methods of linear vibrating screen mainly aim for the common failure, which include:
1. Rotation of vibration motor becomes slow, bearing heating, if this kind of problem appears, add the lubricating oil or grease to solve it. 
2. Clogging of screen mesh, it may due to the increase of moisture content in sieve material, it may also due to loosen of both side screen mesh, the solution is to adjust the belt and shaft eccentricity distance.
3. Vibrating screen fails to start, you should check for the accumulation of dust and impurities on motor, and should be promptly removed.
4. Vibrating screen structure damages, such as beam fracture, side panel cracking. This situation needs to check the bolts, spring and eccentric block, then repair it.

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