Thursday, July 30, 2015

The advantages and Principles of Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory feeders(as known as vibrating feeders,vibration feeders) is suitable for metal and coal feeding system. The materials will be discharged evenly onto the belt conveyor from bunker by using vibratory feeders and will form into a appropriate thickness and width of material layer. Applicable materials can be coal, ore, sandstone, sandy soil and other powder raw materials in food and chemical plant.
 Working principle:

The feeding process of vibratory feeders is achieved by the feeding chute doing linear reciprocating vibration periodically which is forced by the special vibrating motor. When the vertical weight of the feeding chute vibration accelerated speed is bigger than the gravitational acceleration, the material will be upthrown and jumped forward along a parabolic path. The feeding chute will vibrate and the material inside the feeding chute will jump forward continuously due to the continuous exciting of the vibrating motor, so that it can achieve the purpose of material feeding. 
The characteristics of the vibratory feeders mainly include the following parts:

1. It can easily control the discharge capacity. You can also control the discharge capacity (tons/hour) by using a inverter.
2. It applies to a wide range of materials, such as powder, granule, block and other materials.
3. Low maintenance cost , because of adopting resonance principle, so the vibration feeder has less power consumption and less wear characteristics.
4. It can be used in special conditions: according to different working condition, the vibrating feeder can be equipped with dust cover, liner plate, sealing part etc.
5. Smooth vibration and reliable operation.
6. Special grid design which can prevent material blockage. The clearance between grids can be adjustable.
7.Frequency conversion motor is optional, you can change the capacity by adjusting the motor frequency which is easy to control the feeding rate without starting motor frequently.

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