Saturday, July 25, 2015

Structures and Features for Three types of Rotary Vibrating Screen Net Rack

Rotary vibrating screen is designed as a high-precision screening machine it is widely used for sugar, salt, wheat flour, rice flour, pigment, medicine powder, ceramic, silica sand, metallurgy zinc powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, calcium powder etc. 

The net rack is the important component of rotary vibrating screen, here we will introduce the structures and features of three common net racks for rotary vibrating screen.

1.U-shaped net rack 
It belongs to the very commonly used model of rotary vibrating screen, first use the pressurized tooling to fix the thick wire diameter of screen mesh in the U-shaped groove, this layer is called meshed net, then the working net is tiled above the meshed net and clamped it. The advantage of this type of net rack is the replacement of working net in a faster rate, the framework of meshed net supports the working net to ensure the flatness of screen surface and prevent the impulsive force of material causing damage of working net, at the same time also will avoid the damage of working net due to the strike of bouncing ball that on the screen plate. The only disadvantage of this type of net rack is the overlapping part of meshed net and working net, which will influence the screen area.
U shaped vibrating screens net rack
rotary vibrating screen net rack

2.Snap fastener net rack 
Rotary vibrating screen has two flanges: convex and concave. The concave flange is welded inside the screen frame, while the convex flange is a movable component, the screen mesh is placed between two flanges and locked up with the screw, the screen surface will tension naturally. Generally, this net rack structure is designed for the screen mesh with 12 mesh-30 mesh.
snap fastener vibratory screens net rack
rotary vibrating screen net rack

3.Dual A net rack
It also known as the single net with dual clamp net rack or light weight net rack structure. Rotary vibrating screen with this net rack is using two ring shaped circular hoop fix tension screen mesh. The main advantage of this type net rack is higher screening rate. 

rotary vibratory screens manufacuters
rotary vibrating screen 

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