Saturday, October 24, 2015

Little maintenance, big protection

Little maintenance, big protection

Have you ever seen a stainless steel vibration sieve covered with rust? It is easy to become matte if the stainless steel vibration sieve put into use for a long time.Therefor,for user,it is better to know the method to maintain the vibration sieve efficiently.Maybe a little maintenance,can make a big protection.Then the following passage will analyze this knowledge detailed.

The reason why vibration sieve become matte mostly because the airborne corrosion.Use long time exposed to the external environment, it is easy to oxidation.In such an environment condition,in order to prolong the service life of it, it is necessary to carry out the stainless steel surface cleaning maintenance in four aspects.
1.Be careful not to scratch the surface when cleaning
2.Avoid using with bleaching compositions and abrasive cleaning fluid
3.Do not use steel wire ball, grinding stuff cleaning stainless steel surface 
4.Scour the surface with clean water, removing washing liquid

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