Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Solve the Noise Problem of Linear Vibrating Screen?

1.before start-up of linear vibrating screen, we should first check whether the bolts of every part are fastened properly or not, the purpose of fastening bolt is to make the parts more consolidated and reduce the unnecessary extra vibration during operation.
2. add rubber sheet on screen side plate, inlet, outlet and hopper to effectively inhibit the high frequency vibration and reduce the radiated noise. But in the actual production process of rubber ,due to heat and pressure ,it will transform or damage. So please check and replace after using a certain period of time.
3. adopt small elastic modulus ,low impact noise polyurethane sieve plate or rubber sieve plate instead of the punching steel sieve plate , rubber spring instead of steel spring.

4. damping treatment between inside and outside of the bearing housing, bearing roller can be made out to hollow roller or add some damping materials in the interior of the hollow roller.
5. Adopt flexible wheel disk gears instead of steel gears, which using rubber elasticity of gear wheel disk to transfer the torque, absorbing the vibration caused by engaging-in and engaging-out of the gear.


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