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The Cautions of Vibrating Feeder You Should Know

The Cautions of Vibrating Feeder You Should Know

How much do you know the vibrating feeder?Vibrating feeder is a kind of continuous uniform feeding equipment.It is widely used in in metallurgy, coal mine, dressing, building materials, chemical industry, grinding, etc.Here we will introduce the vibrating feeder what you should notice a lot.
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For the user,In order to prolong the service life of the machine, ensure the machine can work normally, the user should do daily maintenance and repair work regularly.The following two aspects will show you how to maintain through apply proper lubricant.
1, The machine is normally use thin oil splash lubrication, according to the use of locations, the temperature conditions, lubricating oil should be put into use reasonable, usually with gear oil
2, Ensure that the vibrator is thin oil oil is higher than the standard height (by joint bend charging), And the oil must be replaced every three to six months time, when the oil change application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning tank, bearing raceway and gear surface regularly
vibrating feeder

In the process of operation,  you need to pay attention to the following security technology.
1,Operators can mount guard after the security technology education
2,Consolidate all bolts, to prevent the occurrence of loose in the running process
3,If discovery is unusual, please stop immediately repair
4,Operating personnel prohibited near the machine when the machine is running, touch the body, adjust, form, such as cleaning or inspection
5,Make sure the wires machinery and equipment safety, always check the electrical wiring for wear and leakage
vibrating feeder

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