Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to deal with the Linear Vibrating Screen discharging inclined to one direction

   If the linear vibrating screen handing material poorly and discharging inclined to one direction, what should we do?
   The most prominent feature is no powder dispersion.
  1. Linear vibrating screens handing material low efficiency. Generally, the irrationality installed of the vibration motor can cause low efficiency handing material of the linear vibrating screen. Normally the supplier of the linear vibrating screen will send the technical personnel to help install the screen. Their key responsibilities are guide the users install and debug of the screen. While, owing to the screen vibration some parts of the screen will happen loose during the operation. At this time, users are required to maintain the vibration screen regularly. If have some difficult problems should contact the manufacturer promptly. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please don’t disassembly the screen privately! (Contact us :  info@pkmachinery.com)
Linear Vibrating Screen
   2. The possible reasons that caused the linear vibrating screen discharging inclined to one direction are as follows: 
  1) Feeding unequally. When using the linear vibrating screen to screen the material, we should try to feeding equally to avoid the screen discharging inclined to one direction.
  2) The installation base surface and spring seat place change.
Spring Seat
   3) Weight error of the screen itself, the center of gravity location inaccuracy
   4) Whether vibration exciter location and swing eccentric block either side is on balance
Vibration Exciter
  5)  The shock absorb spring is inconsistent, some of them damaged.
  6) Screen box transmutation.

Screen Box

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