Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Common Troubleshooting Methods of Vibration Motor

1. after connect the power supply, motor is unable to start, please check:
(1) if power supply is lack of phase;
(2) if motor is loss of phase;
(3) if protective cover is damaged or rub eccentric block.
2. after start-up, there is big motor noise or motor heats, please check:
(1) if the contact surface roughness of vibration machine and motor foundation is in line with the installation requirements;
(2)if the anchor bolts are not tighten up ;
(3) if the vibration acceleration is in line with the requirements;

vibrating motor
3. after the adjustment of eccentric block, amplitude changes abnormally please check:
If eccentric block on both ends of the rotor axis is symmetrical;
4. when two vibrating motors of vibration machine vibrate at the same time, if its phase does not conform to the requirements, please adjust the phase sequence of the single unit, don't adjust the total phase sequence of two vibrating motors.

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