Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Advantages of GTS Drum Screen

 Here PK Machinery would like to introduce the advantages of GTS drum screen :
1. wide application and adaptability
2. material feeding method is simple and varied
3. high screening efficiency ,it can be equipped with comb type cleaning structure
4. large screening capacity, easy to be large-scale
5. small energy consumption, long service life, less maintenance
6. low noise, good working environment

drum screener

GTS drum screen structure: the main structure of drum screen is the sieving drum, which is inclined, the external drum is sealed by a sealing cover to prevent environmental pollution.
Drum screen can be equipped with comb clearing structure, in the process of screening ,the comb cleaning and the drum screen do relative movement to achieve the continuous screening purpose which will make drum screen clean and keep it from sticky, blockage and not not affect the sieving effect.


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