Monday, September 28, 2015

What is the Applicable Material for Drum Screen

Drum screen is a kind of cylinder revolving screening machinery that relies on gravity, its working principle is different with rotary vibrating sievelinear vibrating screen, drum screen can generate strong exciting force, so if dealing with the proportion of lighter materials, it is not suitable for drum screen, the screen is easy to get blocked due to the irregular shape material, and the most important is the screening effect is bad, so what is the applicable material for drum screen?

rotary trommel screen
Drum screen also is often used in mining, sand ,gravel industries, common screen mesh size can be larger than 5 mm, the smallest mesh size should larger than 3 mm, if the mesh size is smaller that is the wire mesh is small ,the service life will be shorter, besides, the drum screen doesn’t do a good job for on sieving fine material and the sieving efficiency is not very good.

drum screen for gravel
Except for sandstone, drum screen is also more commonly used for granular material screening, such as: chemical fertilizer, ceramsite and so on. The sieving efficiency is good and easy to handle large-scale capacity. 


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