Monday, September 21, 2015

The Advantage of using Wooden Screen Frame for Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen wooden screen frame and plate have the advantages of sufficient strength, high opening hole rate and less blockage etc. When vibrating screen vibrates, the different shapes and sizes materials will pass through the screening plate under the action of vibration, material separation in order to achieve classification purpose.
Vibrating screen wooden screen frame and plate is commonly used for linear vibrating screen, it is convenient to replace screen mesh, you can also add bouncing balls which will increase the rate of passing through the screen mesh to prevent the blockage effectively, it is suitable for powder material screening. Wooden screen frame includes cypress screen frame, white pine screen frame and the Korean pine screen frame. The first one is an economic, the cost of the last two is 3 times higher than first one.

cypress screen frame

Wooden screen frame is an important working parts to complete the screening process, and it should be selected reasonably as per the requirement of screening equipment and working environment in order to achieve the best effect.

powder linear vibrating screen

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