Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Linear vibrating screen installation and debugging

 1. The linear vibrating screen machine in flat ground level solid (Concrete or steel structure surface), Anchor bolt (bolt penetrates based user owned), fastening.

Linear Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

2. The linear vibrating screen spring sets in, the seat ring(placed a screen body). Spring should be fully into the spring retainer, Ensure vertical, not twisted.

Linear Vibrating Screen Spring

3. Linear vibrating screen vibration sieve machine parts of other objects not and machine of any rigid connection or contact.

4. Connect the power supply, Press the start button (this machine can be started directly), The vibration motor synchronous rotating in the opposite direction.

5. The adjustment of excitation force: At both ends of the eccentric block vibration motor linear vibrating screen for debugging, angle adjustment two eccentric body can change the vibration service size, Sieve machine factory before excitation has been transferred to the best state of affairs, direct access to the use of, There is without for further adjustment.

Vibration Exciter

6. When necessary, can be adjusted according to the following methods: Open both ends of motor protective cover, loosen the eccentric locking bolt, The ends of the adjustable eccentric block to rotate in the same direction, The numerical para noses the reticle, the required excitation force. After adjustment, the fastening bolt is screwed down.

7. Linear vibrating screen in the open, stopping by the isolation zone will produce big vibration, To improve this situation, can be matched with the electric brake device

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