Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How do we deal with the Unbalance Motor Vibration Phenomenon of Vibration Table?

How  do we deal with the Unbalance Motor Vibration Phenomenon of Vibration Table?

In the process of the operation,Vibration motor may appear the unbalance vibration phenomenon.Unbalanced vibration motor, see this sentence, there are a lot of people would be confused, vibration motor is used to produce? What is the unbalanced vibration? Today, here, we will simply describe what are the cause of unbalance vibration motor vibration.


1.During using the vibration platform,a single vibration motor will arises the motor steering problems, the material will move in vibration platform surface.
2.Using two vibration motor will change the mesa vibration platform vibration uniform.Two motors due to counter rotating each other, each other offset the shaking force in central platform.


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