Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dewatering Screen in the Application of Potash Feldspar Ore Dressing Process

 Dewatering Screen in the Application of Potash Feldspar Ore Dressing Process

At present most of the production of potassium feldspar manufacturers in product dehydration link with spiral classifier and filter press to dewatering process, but the spiral classifier separation material, low working efficiency, filter press investment in energy consumption. And in the production of non-metallic mineral potassium feldspar, if through the spiral separator slag water separation, separation after finished product moisture content is exorbitant, can't do the heap.


Why do we choose to use dewatering screen? This is because that dewatering screen not only can be used for ball mill ore grading but can be used in potassium feldspar product dehydration. Potassium feldspar product dehydration link in traditional production process is processed by filter press, the disadvantage is that investment in energy consumption and low working efficiency, dehydration after finished the actual water content is high. Dewatering screen in the application of potash feldspar ore dressing greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption, reduce the area.

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