Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Much Do You Know the Vibrating Screen Bouncing Ball?

As we all known,bouncing ball is an important part of the rotary vibrating screen.Bouncing ball has a widely used in different aspects.Today we will importantly introduce you the bouncing ball which is used in the industry.
Bouncing ball, good elasticity, wear-resisting, is one of indispensable spare parts in the vibration equipment.It is installed in the vibrating screen in the middle of the perforated plate and the steel grids, by cycling beat subnet work (network) on adhesion of materials, to increase the rate of material through the net and screening production.

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According to the different material properties, bouncing ball can be divided into the following kinds:
1.Natural rubber bouncing ball: suitable for general material screening;
2.Silicone elastic ball: it has the advantages of good elasticity, mainly used in food, medicine and so on material screening;
3.Ptfe rebound: it has the advantage that can be soaked in oil, mainly is suitable for the screening of oily liquid.
In addition,because the bouncing ball has different function, so according to the different needs of customers, manufacturers need to choose different bouncing ball.

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