Saturday, November 28, 2015

So What is the Right Way to Operate the Linear Vibrating Screen?

What should we notice when use linear vibrating screen for the first time?Maybe you should be pay attention to  the following six points.
1.Check if there is bolt looseness of the linear vibrating screen.
2.Remove four fixed plates of all the springs on the linear vibrating screen in order to protect the machine from scratch during transportation process.
3.Read the manual carefully and check the components before testing the linear vibrating screen.
4.Since vibration motor works continuously, it needs to be filled with oil regularly .
5.Check if there is screen mesh damage when the machine stops working.
6.As some users may choose wood net rack, please also check if there is screen frame damage. Compared with steel net rack, the wood net rack is easy to replace screen mesh,however, the life span is much shorter. 
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