Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Prevent The Trommel Screen Mesh Blockage

During the operation process of the trommel screen,it is easy to cause the screen mesh blockage due to the different problems. It's worth mentioning that our engineer can solve the issue in time whenever our customers feedback this problem.And then,what advice our engineer give to prevent the trommel screen mesh blockage?
First,adding the automatic cleaning brush at the top of the screen trommel,so that trommel screen can automatic cleaning during operation. 
Second,due to the original material is sand,slightly moist,the trommel screen should equipped with air compressors,thus using air power to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Third,attempts to prevent the device through the high frequency vibratory force small hit, and with flexible screen surface that can efficiently clean up the blockage, qualified materials ensure smooth through the sieve, sieve in a wet state clean, sieve through rate, in order to achieve high efficiency , energy saving and environmental protection.
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