Saturday, November 21, 2015

Will Vibrating Screen Coupling Play an Important Role

Will Vibrating Screen Coupling Play an Important Role

How much do you know the coupling in mining industry?It is a universally mechanical transmission component which connect the two shafts together.The two shafts can not be separated along the rotation axis and passing a member torque when the machine running. Only after the machine stop and open connection, two axes can be separated. Couplings are already standard parts, you can select the appropriate coupling in accordance with national standards and requirements for use when using.


Since the manufacture and installation errors, deformation after impact bearer and temperature changes, the coupling of the two coupling shaft there is some degree of relative displacement. Therefore, the coupling between the gear unit and the clutch selection cross coupling. Oldham coupling is opened by the end faces of the coupling halves and a groove on both sides of the intermediate plate with protruding teeth formed. Because the convex teeth can slide in the groove, it is possible to compensate for the installation and during the operation of the relative displacement between the two shafts. This coupling parts and materials are available 45 steel work surface heat treated to improve its hardness; can also be used when less demanding Q275 steel, heat treated. 


When put into use,it is better to add lubrication grease from the middle of the hole to reduce friction and wear.Because the half-coupling and intermediate plate composed of mobile vice, not relative rotation, so the drive shaft and the angular velocity of the driven shaft should be equal. But working in relative displacement between the two shafts case, the intermediate plate will have a great centrifugal force, thereby increasing the dynamic load and wear. So users should pay attention to its operating speed is not greater than the predetermined value.
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