Thursday, November 26, 2015

Installation and Commissioning of YA Circular Vibrating Screen

1.Before installation,please refer to the installation drawing of concrete foundation, embedded anchor bolts or embedded steel plate ,the flatness error should be less than 3mm.
2.After the completion of installation, please check and adjust the levels of spring to make sure supporting position is under uniform stress. The motor axis should be 3-5mm lower than the axis of the vibrator, the height of support spring symmetric point should be equal (error ≤ 3 mm).
3. Each part of the vibrating screen should be firmly connected, all bolts should be tightened before start running.
4. Adjust the eccentric vibrator angle which can realize the adjustment of the excitation force, so as to adjust the amplitude of vibrating screen.
5. The distance between the vibrating screen and other obstacles should be less than 100mm.
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Circular Vibrating Screen

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