Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to Distinguish Between the Shaft and Shaftless Drum Screen?

How to Distinguish Between the Shaft and Shaftless Drum Screen?

The drum screen can be divided into two structures,shaft drum screen and shaftless drum screen.The common point of them is that they can both use for the bulk materials.But for some relatively complex material properties,we should choose the suitable drum screen according to the working condition.Here PK Machinery will give you a better understanding about it.Hope the following passage will help you.
1.Methods of Installation 
The roller device of the shaft drum screen is arranged on the frame. 
The screen of the shaftless drum screen is installed horizontally
2.Working Principle
For the shaft drum screen,after the drum motor reducer are connected together by coupling means, the drive roller means rotatable about its axis. When the material into the drum unit, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum unit, so that the material flip and scroll the screen surface, so that qualified materials through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum is discharged, substandard materials (sieve product) by the end of discharge rollers discharge port. As the material within the drum flip, roll, so that the card material in the meshes can be ejected, to prevent clogging of the sieve.

drum screen

For the shaftless drum screen,the motor drive pulley or sprocket gear roller, usually the slower speed, roller length can be longer, so that the material fully screened. Internal drum lifting plate may cause the material moves forward on the discharge end of the drum sieve material, sieve material discharge hopper along the drum income.
Shaft drum screen generally used in a large proportion of granular materials, such as: sand, coal, limestone, fertilizer, compost, ore.
Shaftless drum screen always used in smaller proportion of materials, such as: garbage, wood, charcoal, compost, building materials, chemical products etc.


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