Friday, November 13, 2015

What Screen is Used in the Feed Industry--the Gyratory Screen

At present, most feed manufacturers need to sieve and grade the powder material ,granular feed, and the intermediate products after secondary crushing. The quality and output of the feed products are directly affected by the classification and the performance of the equipment. What screen is commonly used in the feed industry? The answer is the gyratory screen. It is widely used in feed industry due to its simple structure, large output, convenient maintenance, low noise.
Under the inertia force, gyratory screen sieve box moves back and forth, driving the screen surface shaking periodically, and forcing feed material on the screen surface jumps along with the screen box, the material which is less than sieve aperture will be discharged from the outlet after continuous rolling and jumping movement, then screening operations complete.
gyratory screen
Gyratory screen is a new type of high efficiency swing type linear screening equipment ,and also called square swing sieve, it can completely solve the screening accuracy and processing output contradiction of general vibration screening machine, see the following characteristics:
1.Reasonable design, mature technology, easy installation and maintenance, wide application scope;
2.High screening efficiency , precision and processing capacity;
3.Unique design, convenient screen mesh replacing, high utilization rate, long service life;
4.Good screen mesh self-cleaning effect is good, low noise;
5.Good sealing effect, energy saving and environmental protection.
Besides, gyratory screen can be used in chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, non-ferrous metals, food, abrasive, mining and other industries in the accurate screening and grading process. Specific application materials, for example, chemical industry: chemical fertilizer, resin, melamine, soda ash ; Food industry :starch, salt, sugar, milk powder and other; metallurgy, non non-ferrous metals, nonferrous metal, magnetic materials. If you would like to know more about the knowledge of the gyratory screen, please visit:


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