Monday, November 9, 2015

The Tin Powder Screening Problem for Ultrasonic Vibration Sieve

1.The output powder efficiency of ultrasonic vibration sieve is low, there is no finish powder or less after sieving, if this kind of situation appears, we need to check the performance of ultrasonic acoustic, whether it is due to the poor quality, resulting in screen mesh blockage, causing the finished powder cannot be sieved out.
2.Larger and smaller size of tin powder exceed the standard, when confronted with the problem, we first need to check screen mesh of ultrasonic vibration screen, uneven powder size mostly may be due to poor quality of screen mesh, aperture size is not same when manufacturers make the screen mesh, or some parts of screen mesh are damaged after long time use, here it requires us select standard and qualified screen mesh from the regular manufacturers, regular check of screen damage is also required.

ultrasonic vibration sieve
3. The oxygen content of tin powder is excessive of the standard, it is mainly because of poor sealing ,which lead to air leakage, it is necessary to ensure good sealing and check whether the sealing ring and other sealing place are qualified or not, vibration sieve rubber sealing ring after long time use, it will occur deformation or a series of problems which results in the increase of oxygen content in tin powder. Therefore, check the sealing ring regularly, especially in the case of high temperature in the summer.
4. Unstable ultrasonic vibration screen will cause the screen mesh heating and screen plugging seriously, before using ultrasonic vibration sieve, please select and set the vibration motor power well, check the equipment adjustment flexibility and check if discharging outlet is smooth or not.

sealing ring
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