Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is The Driven Device Suitable For Linear Vibrating Screen?

Linear vibrating screen is designed with dual-vibration motor drive.According to the capacity of different material is different, the vibrating screen model and the vibration source is different also.Here PK Machinery would like to talk about the driven device selection for linear vibrating screen.
For some ceramics, food, and other less dense granular material, when dealing with a smaller amount, demand shaker model is small, usually less than the length of the screen surface 3000mm, width of the screen surface is less than equal to 1200mm, the small screen of its own weight , to meet the amount of processing conditions, the vibration source shaker select both synchronous and opposite vibration exciting force generated by the motor rotation direction. The motor can be installed on top of the screen box, bottom and sides.

Linear Vibrating Screen

For some coal, ore, building materials and other denser particulate material is too large, the environmental conditions, the general requirements of larger handling capacity, demand shaker models are also relatively large, usually larger than the screen surface length 3600mm, when the screen surface is greater than the width of 1500mm, the weight of the screen itself is also heavier. When the amount of processing required to achieve, you need to select running motor driven exciter excitation force generated as the vibration source, achieve grade materials. Exciter is usually installed above or below the screen box.
If conditions have space restrictions or special requirements, we also can make special optimized design.
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Linear Vibrating Screen

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