Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Factors should be Considered when Purchase a Vibrating Screen

First, the physical properties of the material to be sieved
Including material particle size, shape, moisture content, bulk density, and other material properties. When the particle size is very small, mesh is small, usually screening rate is very low, the same amount of processing need to use a larger model; when large humidity of materials, screening efficiency will be reduced, but the larger mesh size, moisture the impact is smaller; when the material is corrosive, usually made of stainless steel or stainless steel material contact parts.
Second, the nature and structure of the screen surface
If materials do vertical movement on the screen surface, it will have high screening rate and large capacity. For certain material, production rate and screening rate of vibrating screen are determined by mesh size. In general, wide screen surface has high production rate and long screen surface has high screening rate. What’s more, the larger the effective screening area is, the higher the screening rate is.
circular vibrating screen

Third, the production conditions

When a large load screening machine, the low screening efficiency. Feeding uniformity of screening process significant, so try to achieve uniform feed (In this regard, our company specializes in plane rotary sieve inlet Added sub-feeder, can achieve uniform feed).
Only taking the above influence factors into consideration can users purchase the most economical and appropriate vibrating screen.More information, please visit www.pkmachinery.com
rotary vibrating screen
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