Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Analysis the Troubleshooting of Linear Vibrating Screen Plate?

Linear vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screen. The linear vibrating screen can use exciting force generated by the vibration motor to realize the material accurate screening. At the same time its trajectory is linear, and has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, high output and low energy consumption, which makes it is ideal for the assembly working line. 
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Linear Vibrating Screen

Screen plate is an important part in the linear vibrating screen, which directly affect the quality of the linear vibrating screen effect.
How to improve the life of the linear vibrating screen plate has become the key to reduce the failure rate of linear vibrating screen. Currently linear vibrating screen ribbed slabs are easily broken, and polyurethane material is easily worn. The main reason is that the screen plate joints place lack of no support beams, screen plate mounted directly on a straight beam, screen plate and vibrator are synchronized, which keeps linear vibrating screen ribbed slabs long time in the floating state movement, then the linear vibrating screen ribbed slabs are easily to broken. After the upper sieve broken, it will produce some > 30mm substandard ore, after the lower screen broken, the effusion pool will piled ore quickly, causing the whole scrubbing process have to stop, only after cleaning all the effusion pool can reproduction. Screen plate installed directly in the beam, which also caused polyurethane and steel directly contact. During the operation of linear vibrating screen polyurethane material easily worn, which will affect screen plate life.
linear vibrating screen manufacturer
Vibrating Plate
Then we can use welding plate to support beam in the place of the screen joints, at the same time we can also add impact belt, and make the width of the belt is consistent with the beam width. By doing this we can reduce the wear and breakage of the screen plate during operation.

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