Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why vibration sieve screen mesh damaged so fast?

Why vibration sieve screen mesh damaged so fast? Factors that quicken vibration sieve screen mesh damage are like screen mesh quality, screen mesh tensioning force, material feeding problems etc.In numerous factors,screen mesh quality is the key factors that aroused screen mesh damaged fast.Here we will introduce the each factor as follows.
vibrating screen mesh
1.Screen mesh quality is an important factor that aroused screen mesh damaged fast. If the screen mesh material can’t meet with the requirement of the material sieve, then the screen mesh will damaged soon.
2.Screen mesh don’t have enough tension that caused the screen vibrate, in this case the screen mesh usually damaged or broken along the edging.
3.Generally speaking, screen mesh has an upper and a lower force layer, which request that the two layers contact closely. If the screen mesh pre-tensioning is poor, when the lower force layer is tension but the screen layer isn’t tension, then when the vibration sieve working the vibrating distance of the screen mesh is too long, can’t effective compress with the screen frame contact section, these is also one reason that aroused screen mesh damaged so fast.

screen mesh
4.Material feeding problem As we should keep feeding during the vibration sieve work process, if feeding too much one time will block the material normal movement on the screen plate, which not only easily make the screen mesh become loose but also will greatly reduce the capacity of the material. Feeding material too much one time will make the unbalanced motor loading suddenly increased, which not only easily damaged screen mesh but also easily caused the vibration motor damaged, so when we feeding material must feeding uniformity. If the feeding way has strong impact, the vibration sieve must equip with impact hopper. If the material impact the screen mesh will consume exciting force generated by the vibration source, which more likely to cause screen mesh damage and screen mesh fatigue.
screen mesh
1.When you choose the vibration sieve you should choose the quality reliable screen mesh
2.Check the tensioning force of the screen mesh usually
3.Check whether the screen mesh squeezing ramming or not
4.If you sieve liquid with strong impact, you’d better equip hopper or buffer.
5.If there is accumulation of material, you should find out the reason as soon as possible such as adjust the eccentric of vibration motor
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