Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Deal With the General Common Faults of Gyratory Screen?

If Screen body running abnormally such as Sieve unusual sports such as torsional oscillation occurs etc, mainly due to eccentric rotors installed improperly result in main axle bend or bearing damage. For these reasons, you can make the appropriate adjustments.
If mixing occurs, the mainly reason may be screen damaged or screen body seal is lax, Solutions is to replace the screen cloth or fill holes, check the seal strip.
If the output can’t meet the requirement, mainly reasons are multiple: such as the material moisture is too high, mesh blockage, mesh size does not meet the requirements, the belt speed ratio is too low or belt occurs slip, lack of feed rate, bouncing balls serious wear and tear. Solutions is to reduce material moisture, replace screen cloth or change the screen clear network system, check the pulley and adjust the belt tension, increase feed rate, replacing the bouncing ball.
Gyratory Vibrating Screen Manufacture
When support frame fracture happens, mainly due to the support frame has usage cycle, long-term implants uniform or long-term bearing torsional stresses make itself flexibility failure, then result in fracture. Therefore, in the routine maintenance, you should pay more attention to the condition of the support frame, checked found and replaced promptly, if possible, you’d better replace all the support plate at the same time, and try to make every support plate force uniform, so as to make it consistent with the amplitude .

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