Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Install the Circular Vibrating Screen Punching Mesh?

Screen meshes Includes manganese steel woven mesh screen, perforated plate, stainless steel sieve, etc., each of which has its own special place, and therefore it should be selected according to the actual situation.Here we will share some of the easy to implement tips to install the circular vibrating screen punching mesh.
Vibrating mesh sieve punching method of installation with slime mesh sieve dehydration installation is similar. Entire slime dewatering screen is horizontal assembled, but in order to ensure the dehydration effect of the machine, so the screen is negatively corner installation. Alternatively polyurethane screen mesh, tension mounted, or stainless steel weld seam sieve, pressing installation, to meet different needs. But the circular vibrating screen is angled, when using perforated screen, pressing need for the use of square wood, wedge tensioning way.

manganese steel woven wire mesh
Insufficient tightness of the screen will cause the following effects:
① mesh bending deformation, stress concentration serious, relaxation is easy to produce secondary vibration sieve, sieve premature breakage under alternating stress, caused no small economic loss;
② bending deformation affecting mesh sieve through effective screening area, so this should be through the sieve through the sieve material failed, resulting in reduced screening efficiency;
③ screen surface depressions lead to material retention, hinder the forward movement of the material layer, and ultimately affect the productivity of the shaker.

In view of this, increasing the tension of the screen, to ensure smooth screen surface, not only can effectively improve screen life, but also help to ensure the efficiency and productivity of vibrating sieve.

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