Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Reasons for Vibrating Screen Material Accumulation

The Reasons for Vibrating Screen Material Accumulation

During use, the vibrating screen surface may occurs the material accumulation phenomenon. So what causes the accumulation of material is it, here PK Machinery engineer based on years of experience in analysis of what can be attributed to four issues:
1.Make sure whether the vibrating screen mesh choice has problems or not, sieve mesh network is too small will cause low permeability material.
2.Check the placement of vibrating screen ground whether is flat, spout material will affect the operation of high trajectory, causing the material to one side.

screen mesh
3.Screen mesh and the discharge port whether is horizontal or is too high, under normal circumstances should be level or higher than about 6mm, depending on the material discharge port design are not the same height.
4.Vibration motor angular adjustment if there are problems, improperly adjusted the angle of the vibration motor can also cause material accumulation phenomenon, the smaller the angle on the screen surface material spread outward run faster, whereas angular displacement of the General Assembly so that bulk material outward open slow. If you are under strict requirements for screening accuracy, the motor angle should not be too small, so as not to affect the accuracy of screening, in general, the factory motor shaker angle of 45 °, the user can also special screening process based on its material requirements will adjust the vibration motor angle to 100 °, the mesh material is centralized.

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