Thursday, December 3, 2015

Should You Adjust The Excitation Force of Vibration Feeder?

When customers purchase feeder motor, because of the pre-supplied parameters and reality production material particle size, amount per hour occurs an error, so the customer can change the motor exciting force own according to the following description, making the process variation change.But is it necessary to adjust?
Each brought in shaft vibration motor eccentric block has a fixed and an adjustable eccentric, users can adjust the excitation force according to change the adjustable and fixed eccentric eccentric angle.You can see table 1.The different excitation force when angle different,you can see the table 2.


Table 2:
Adjustable eccentric block rotation angle 
excited force

When adjusting the vibration motor excitation force, please disconnect the power supply before adjusting the vibration motor excitation force.What should pay attention to is that when you adjust the excitation force two vibration motor eccentric position consistent tone to avoid the phenomenon discovered the emphasis on feeder according to the damage depth.It is generally useless to adjust the excitation force is needed, please do not attempt to open the vibration motor,adjust the eccentric angle.

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