Monday, December 14, 2015

How to choose the suitable vibration motor for the vibration machine?

Vibration motor has many types and models with a wide application,it is usually applied with the feeder, vibrating screen combination. The vibration motor is very important in the vibration machine. It directly determines the working efficiency of the vibration machine.The vibration mechanical vibration motor selection steps are as follows:
A.According to the operating requirements, confirm the required vibration of the frequency (r/min) and the amplitude Ym (mm).
Such as the six vibration motor (n=960r /min) can drive the vibration chute, vibration feeder, vibration mill, vibrating screen etc.
B.According to the structure of the vibration machine itself, get the vibration weight G (kg) and calculate the required vibration force Fm (N) .
C.According to the vibration of the operation to get Fm, you can get the model of the vibration motor, please pay attention to the exciting force FH is larger than Fm.
D.Design the overall structure, and calculate the actual vibration parameters, after the calculation, if the vibration motor is too large or too small, motor model should be re-selected.
E.Design of vibration isolation system. 

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