Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Distinguish the Difference between YA and YK Circular Vibrating Screen?

How to distinguish the YK and YA circular vibrating screen during the customer purchase the equipment?Is it really suitable for your company?Here,the following passage will introduce the difference between them detailed.Hope you have a better understanding.
YK and YA are the two series of circular vibrating screen.YK series circular vibrating screen adopts eccentric block,and YA series adopts eccentric shaft.

YA circular vibrating screen

YK series circular vibrating screen, while retaining the original YA type shaft eccentric vibrating screen features, has the following significant advantages:
1.The vibration exciter adopts the form of eccentric block,which can not only make the eccentric weight if the exciter increase,but also can adjust the excitation force randomly.
2.The screening machine structure tends to simplify,improving the level of the manufacturing process and assembly precision equipment.
3.The use of the flexible coupling cross shaft universal joint shaft or rubber couplings, etc., stable operation.
4.With higher screening efficiency, greater processing capacity.
5.Long service life and using cycle.
6.Easy to maintenance and operation,high running efficiency 

YK circular vibrating screen

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