Friday, December 25, 2015

The Mainly Tips to Install the Vibrating Feeders on Different Production Line

Vibrating feeder is usually used for uniform feeding, cloth according to be installed on different production line to ensure the stability of the connection between devices. When the feeder model is small, the driven device can be set two vibrating motors, if the model is large, the driven device can be set motor with vibrator exciter.

1.According to the customer's site environmental conditions and layout can be designed feeder hanging and sitting two installation methods.

When it is used in the following copper warehouse, hoppers, etc., there is no suitable feeder space when installed base.Then the four corners of the feeder can be used to hang in suspension under the hopper, space-saving layout can effectively feed between warehouse and by feeding equipment.

2.If the customer has requested, vibrating feeder can be designed to sit-in installation, installation to the actual arrangement of the embedded foundation.

3.If you feed a very fine dust and other materials used in the particle size uniform, vibrating feeder can be designed to seal cover with dust ports, link to the system filter, dust sealed to protect the environment.

4.If you have other special requirements, this feeder can be non-standard design process to meet some requirements.

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