Thursday, December 10, 2015

Methods to Improve the Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

For different ‪‎screening materials,the screening efficiency may different.In order to better sieving the materials,it is necessary to improve the screening efficiency of vibrating screen.Here,PK Machinery lists the methods which can really improve the sieving efficiency as follows.

vibrating screen
First of all,we will show you the two mainly tips.One is dry sieving,and the other is wet sieving.
For dry sieving, you should strictly control the feed water, when the water is high, then considering the screening ingredients.
For wet sieving,conditions permitting, this is the most effective means to improve the screening effect.

circular vibrating screen
Then secondly,the following methods you also should pay attention to:
1.Selection with self-cleaning sieve sieve batter to reduce porosity, such as adding anti-clogging means spring rod sieve or screen below
2.Improve the sieve openings, high aperture ratio will help to improve the screening effect
3.When feeding, feeding along the full width of the screen to make full use of the screen surface
4.Reclining screening machine if conditions permit, the appropriate angle helps to reduce the material thickness, to achieve a thin layer of screening material
5.Counterweight adjustment method to improve the circular vibrating sieve effect
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