Monday, December 7, 2015

Reasons and Solutions of Quick Breakage of Vibrating Screen Cloth,You Know?

Main reasons:
a. Quality is a important factor which causes quick breakage of screen cloth. If the material of screen cloth cannot meet the requirements of screening, screen cloth may be damaged quickly. We will list the classification of screen cloth and suggest ways to select appropriate screen when our customers are choosing vibrating screen.
b. Tension strength of screen cloth is not enough which cause the chatter of screen and the damage or breakage in layering point or screen edge. 
c. There are upper screening layer and lower stress layer, and the two layers should be fit closely. If the tension technology of screen cloth is poor, and the stress layer is tightened while screening layer not, the distance of screen vibrating is too long, and the contact segment between screen cloth and frame cannot be tightened efficiently. It is also one of the reasons of quick breakage of screen cloth.
d. Material feeding problem. As the continuous feeding in operation of vibrating screen, if feeding too much at a time, materials’ motion may causes loose of screen cloth and reduce the capacity of the machine. 
Vibrating Screen Cloth manufacturer
vibrating screen cloth

a. Select the screen cloth with reliable quality. 
b. Check the tension strength of screen cloth regularly.
c. Check the compaction of screen cloth.
d. If screening liquid, it is better to install a bucket or buffer.
e. If there is Material accumulation, find out the reasons as soon as possible.
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