Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to solve problem of damp material blockage occurs in vibrating screen ?

Vibrating screen is a kind of high precision and fine powder screening equipment, with the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, small size and quick screen mesh replacement,it adopts fully enclosed structure which is suitable for particles, powder, liquid, etc. Clients ever said wet material blockage occurred in vibrating screen,here PK Machinery will list some suggestion,hope it is helpful.
1.Increase the excitation force of vibration motor and increase the amplitude.
2.Increase the vibration frequency, please use the high-frequency vibrating screen.
3.Diluted with water to increase the liquidity of material.
4.Replace the screen mesh regularly to avoid damp material blockage.
5.Manual work assisted cleaning up the screen mesh blockage.
6.Equip with cleaning device, such as the brush.
Hope above mentioned are workable, if you have the other problems about vibrating screen,welcome to contact us freely.
Screen blocking scheme
vibrating screen

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